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Stewart Cink inspires everyone to not skip leg day.

Tiger will always be a part of Team USA.

Rory spent quality time at the River Liffey.

This is why you never want to skip leg day.

Admittedly, Golf isn’t the most physically demanding sport.

I mean, golfers are professional athletes, but let’s just be honest for a minute and admit that some very high-level players rock a dad bod.

Stuart Cink is not one of those players.

Just look at those calves.


Thank you @marcosimonegolf for an amazing weekend!

— Ryder Cup USA (@RyderCupUSA)
Sep 9, 2023

Clearly, he takes his strength and conditioning seriously and clearly never skips leg day.

At 6’4”, Cink is probably one of the bigger golfers, but it’s almost comical how massively built he looks next to just about everyone in Team USA.

The Team USA vice-captain has impressed the internet so much with his massive calves that he’ll surely inspire golfers around to world to get in their leg sesh this week.

Tiger is everywhere and with everyone.

After making an unplanned exit from the sport due to a car accident, Tiger Woods has made a comeback to the sport, but not as a player.

For starters, Tiger has taken a big role in the PGA Tour as a player director. He’s already making sure that players are always a part of the decision-making process within the context of the impending PIF/PGA Tour merger.

He’s also starting a new indoor virtual reality Golf League and raising tens of millions in funding to take it off the ground.

And somehow, he still finds time to be an honorary member of Team USA’s Ryder Cup team.

According to team captain Zack Johnson, “Tiger is pretty much on call for us.”.

Zach Johnson isn’t discounting Tiger Woods for the Ryder Cup


Tiger Woods could form part of the US Ryder Cup team — or at least, Zach Johnson isn’t ruling it out.

— Joyful Streaming IPTV (@renhao_cui)
Sep 11, 2023

It’s inspiring to see how much passion Tiger still has for golf, even if he hasn’t been taking part in it as a player in recent years.

Rory spends time in the water at the Irish Open.

It’s been 7 years since Rory’s last win at the Irish Open, and his hopes of winning at home will have to wait until next season.

Rory was going strong and had hopes of making a run for his second win, but then he sunk a ball in the River Liffey.

And then another one.

And another one.

And another one.

McIlroy had a total of 4 balls going to the River Liffey, which pretty much took him out of the race for the win.

But Rory being Rory meant that he still managed to make some awesome shots and finish T-16.

Vincent Norman, the 25-year-old Swedish golfer, ultimately took home the W after being remarkably consistent throughout the entire Irish Open.

“I’m just as starstruck as some of those fans out here seeing those guys, and to be competing against them is so cool. To beat them is even cooler,” said Norman at the press conference after taking home his second professional win.

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That’s what we’ve got for today. Tune in Thursday for a deep look at the upcoming Roman Ryder Cup.

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