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Will John Daly go to LIV Golf?

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Gotta love Big John Daly

LIV is back on YouTube!

Scottie can’t make a put, so he just holes out, instead

It’s Memorial Day

John Daly gives the PGA Tour a piece of his mind

Golf legend John Daly gave the PGA Tour his honest thoughts about how the condition of the tee boxes was responsible for making him withdraw from the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship.

In his tweet, he stated that the downhill tee box conditions are not acceptable for the PGA Senior Tour players.

In the same tweet, he also mentioned how they’re more or less doing everything wrong.

So hard to play tee boxes that are down grade.  Golf course is great but I wish they would make their tee boxes level!  We are not young anymore!!   Some guys are ADA and we can not follow through on down hill tee boxes!!  I’m sorry @PGA you are going the wrong way in golf but I… https://t.co/onpIns0lzK https://t.co/Uajbg2HRA4

— John Daly (@PGA_JohnDaly)
May 26, 2023

But he still loves them.

He wrapped it up by sharing a picture of his swollen knee.

The comments were a mixed bag of “You tell them John!” and “You should take better care of yourself John”.

He may have a point in the sense that pro players inevitably rack up a large amount of injuries. And when they reach the seniors tour, those injuries make them more sensitive to playing conditions.

If you have bad knees, or have had full knee replacement, going downhill is something that ranges from difficult to impossible.

Question of the day: You think LIV should start a senior tour? After all, John is like the source code for golf but louder.

Thank you for not making me tune in to the CW Network

We’ve mentioned on several past issues that LIV’s choice to go with the CW Network was a bit of a head scratcher.

It’s just an unlikely channel to tune into for golf.

And the ratings have reflected that, as hardly anyone in the US tunes in to the LIV events.

So they did the one logical thing they could do.

They’re bringing back the YouTube streaming option but we’ll have to pay $3 per day in the US.

Understandably, it’s not like LIV had a long line of networks fighting over coverage of their events.

Whatever the case, we’re just happy we don’t have to tune in to the CW Network anymore, even if we have to pay $3.

Course You Can Play Monday: Kentucky Dam Village

Today’s course you can play is located in the Bluegrass state (aka the Commonwealth of Kentucky).

It’s actually attached to a state park, and is called the Kentucky Dam Village State Park Golf Course.

From the blue tees, it’s just under 6700 yards and takes 72 strokes to par. The green fees are reasonable at around $35-$40 for a full round.

Scottie doesn’t take home the W but he made an epic ace.

Aces don’t come about all that often in professional golf.

To illustrate this, Scottie Scheffler who is at the literal top level of the sport made the second ace of his professional career this Sunday.

So it’s always an extra special moment for any golfer to land an ace, even if they don’t take home the win.

The Charles Schwab Challenge went to Emiliano Grillo.

Nonetheless, Scottie finished in a strong T3 and is keeping a tight grasp of his number 1 spot in the world rankings.

And to think, Scottie struggled with his putting the entire tournament. If the balls were dropping even average — he’d have won by a commanding number of strokes.

Scottie Scheffler is just 2 back down the stretch on Sunday despite losing 4.6 shots putting for the week. That’s almost impossible to do. https://t.co/HoyEomvvUf

— Dan Rapaport (@Daniel_Rapaport)
May 28, 2023

Scheff has some putting problems. His solution? Make it in the hole from the tee.

Interestingly, this was the second ace of the weekend. The first one was by Harris English in the first round.

So the Charles Schwab Challenge didn’t disappoint in the excitement department.

Scottie celebrated his ace by giving a big hug to his caddie Ted Scott.

This in turn triggered one of the most awkward questions to ever be asked to a pro-golfer. He was asked by a reporter “Who gives a better post ace Hug? Ted or Callie (his sister who was his caddie at the time of his first ace in 2014)”.

In a collected manner, Scottie replied “I’m not going to answer that.”
Nonetheless, it was a great weekend for Scottie Scheffler as he keeps his momentum rolling and giving us some awesome golf to watch.

Today is Memorial Day

For many of us, today is solemn, even mournful. And because of that, all should be thankful.

Meme of the Day


While we don’t know who gives the better hug (weird question, though), we do know a bit about the conversation Scottie had with Ted on the way to pick up his ball:

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