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Who said Match Play is boring?

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Austin Match Play got interesting

PGA and LIV Pros are still friends

All eyes on Augusta

Why are they ending the WGC-Match Play?!

In the heat of March Madness, where college basketball players play one team at a time to claim their spot—match play seemed to stand out a bit more.

Maybe it’s because they announced it’s the last one. Maybe it’s because it’s an outdated format (after all, it’s sponsored by Dell, whose heyday was in the ’90s).

Remember the Dell dude? He’s saying, “Dude, you’re still doing match play?”

But to everyone’s surprise, the event was…fun.

It almost even ended up in an epic battle between Scottie Scheffler and Rory McIlroy for first and second place.

Then, the weaknesses of match play showed up. Instead of the Scottie/Rory pair—which would’ve made everyone stop watching the CW—it ended up being Cameron Young and Sam Burns (Burns won).

NBC watching the Rory-Scottie final slowly become the Cameron Young-Sam Burns final… https://t.co/ZcaRC9Ztyn

— Dan Rapaport (@Daniel_Rapaport)
Mar 26, 2023

Yes, Rory and Scheff still battled it out for the bronze (Rory won). But honestly, it seemed like they were just going through the motions—with Georgia on both of their minds.

That said, the event had some great highlights.

Gave true underdogs a time to shine

Scottie just missed a 4’ putt to not end up in the title match

Rory almost holed a par-4 drive (hours after saying he’d play the ‘90s ball)

Seriously, you gotta see this drive from the guy who says he likes the bifurcation rule:

One of the greatest drives you will EVER see 🤯

@McIlroyRory drives the ball to 3 FEET at the 375-yard par-4 18th with a 349-yard carry to the green! https://t.co/HzhMBtyKkr

Mar 23, 2023

Honestly, we all hope there’s a match-play event next year. LIV, PGA? Anybody listening?

To sum up our sentiments, here’s what Twitter user @golfturfwar had to say:

And the PGA Tour wants to cancel this event?!?!

— PGA/LIV Hot Takes (@golfturfwar)
Mar 26, 2023

More money, more problems?

Well no, not really, if you ask Cam Smith.

The emergence of LIV has caused the narrative of an “us vs. them” kind of scenario with the PGA Tour.

And even though that is definitely the case at a corporate level. On the player’s end of things, not so much. Sure, there’s probably some animosity heading your way if you’re Rory McIlroy. 

But for Cam Smith, his life is a-ok and drama free.

In a recent podcast interview, Cam mentioned that he’s still friends with everyone he used to be friends with. And that he hasn’t felt any negativity in his direction.

Remember the vision we had, last week? Seems to be coming to fruition:

Even though there seems to be some fabricated media drama, it hasn’t found a way into Cam’s life.

Cam Smith’s life seems to be pretty good right now. He’s still playing top-level golf, and he received an enormous check in return.

How can you be angry at that?

Will the masters be an epic PGA Tour vs LIV battle?

Everyone who loves pro golf right now:

Imagine if PGA and LIV golfers are paired during the Masters. Tiger and Phil?(Most likely, since they’re both not super strong right now). Rory and Reed? and more grin-inducing pairings.

It would be very interesting, to say the least.

But realistically, it probably won’t happen. But it could. I mean, the Masters wants as many eyeballs as possible. And anyone who’s on the fence about watching would looovvveee to see some high-power, high-controversy pairs.

The head honchos at the Masters are not ones to look for controversy. If anything, they’ll ensure everyone who plays together gets along. But it is a democratic process.

The pairings are determined by a group of Augusta National Club members.

Here’s a live look at them deciding whether or not to give us some LIV v. PGA drama:

It would be awesome if it happened, though. Earliest we’ll know is likely Tuesday, April 4th.

Should we do a special Wednesday issue, giving our take and preview on Augusta? Let us know in this poll:

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