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Was the US Open a drag?

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US Open a drag?

The players aren’t enthused by the course or tee times

Phil gets heckled

Did the US Open feel kind of meh?

It’s not cool when someone steals your thunder.

And that seems to be exactly what happened to the US Open this past weekend.

Everyone it seems was still shook up by the recent announcement of the PGA Tour/LIV merger.

Not only was it big news, but we still don’t have any clear answers as to what’s going to happen or when.

Winning the US Open is one of the biggest achievements in golf. And we saw some great golf this weekend.

But we can’t ignore the fact that there was an unusual vibe in the air. It doesn’t help that the tournament was held at the LA Country Club.

At least two heavy-hitters were outspoken against the venue.

Victor and Brooks are not fans of the LACC

We get this every year, but there are a lot of pros who aren’t big fans of the LACC.

Even though packed with history and the stage for one of the year’s biggest events, the LACC hasn’t won the heart of every player.

Such is the case of Victor Hovland and Brooks Koepka.

Brooks Koepka isn’t a huge fan of LACC.

— GOLF.com (@GOLF_com)
Jun 17, 2023

Hovland recently tweeted, “I don’t think there are any great holes. I think there are a few bad holes.”

Brooks recently commented “I’m not a huge fan of this place,” and “There’s just some spots where no matter what you hit, the ball just ends up in the same spot.”

And he has a point.

The LACC has multiple holes with fairways that lead to collection points according to analysts.

The hits keep comin’ —

Hovland on LACC: “You know what, I’m not a big fan of this golf course, to be honest. I think there’s some good holes. I don’t think there’s any great holes. I think there’s a few bad holes. I think No. 9 is probably the best hole out here in my opinion.”

— Patrick McDonald (@AmateurStatus)
Jun 18, 2023

The result is that it more or less homogenizes the results, which can explain why we saw so many players reaching eight under.

Would Brooks and Victor still have the same opinion on the LACC had they finished strong?

Had to play some twilight golf but still got the W

Wyndham Clark had a hard time on Saturday.

He was leading, but it was getting late, so visibility became a big issue for him and Ricky Fowler.

Clark commented that his bogey on the 17th was because he just couldn’t see.

The good news is that on Sunday, the tee-off time was scheduled 1 hour and 10 minutes earlier.

This clearly made visibility a non-issue, so with that out of mind, Wyndham held on to the lead and took home his first Major.

The US Open co-leader says he and Rickie Fowler had a disadvantage in the latter stages of round three due to the lack of light at LACC  https://t.co/V76AmukUWk

— Golf Monthly (@GolfMonthly)
Jun 18, 2023

It’s been quite the year for Clark, he got his first tournament win at the Wells Fargo Championship and now he wins the US Open.

He was definitely a bit of an underdog, not because he lacked the skills, but rather because Scottie, Rahm, and Brooks were the favorites coming into the US Open.

That just comes to show that on any given day, just about anyone in the field can take the W.

Phil gets heckled at the US Open

I really don’t get hecklers.

They invest so much time and money going to an event to get kicked out after annoying their favorite professional golfer.

I guess it must’ve been worth it for Phil Mickelson’s sombrero-clad heckler at the US Open.

He did manage to get a few LIV-tinged heckles before getting kicked out by security.

Phil Mickelson heckled at 2023 U.S. Open on birthday, misses cut  https://t.co/0kjOXSfAlM

— Golfweek (@golfweek)
Jun 17, 2023

On Phil’s birthday, no less!

Annoying as it surely was, it was the least of Phil’s problems this weekend.

Even though he had a solid first round, everything more or less went downhill from there as he didn’t make the cut.

Phil wasn’t able to get back into his usual rhythm for the remaining rounds and couldn’t catch up.

It was a tough weekend on the 10-year anniversary of his US Open victory.

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