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Tiger’s back, Happy turns 27, and the wizarding world of LIV

Good morning, golf fans. This is Easy Pars, the buddy that never makes you count provisional balls.

Here’s a look at what we have today:

  • The most awesome team names
  • Tiger is planning a comeback
  • A Binge-able Netflix series
  • The US Open returns to LA

It’s the Hogwarts, umm LIV Tournament of Houses!!!

Ok, so there’s a shift happening in golf. Maybe we’ll talk about it sometime, but honestly, players in both the PGA and LIV see it coming.

The shift?

It’s a growing need to draw in younger, vibrant golf fans.

LIV Golf tournaments aren’t your typical golf tournaments. They’ll have teams.

On the PGA side, Tiger and Rory are starting a “high-tech golf league, featuring 6 teams…”

It’s called “TGL” and will be an all-PGA pro roster.

But now, onto LIV’s most recent, semi-cringe announcement.

The way it’s going to work is LIV Golf has 12 teams (or “golf clubs”), going head to head — one comes out victorious at the end of the season.

That’s interesting. And it’s a format that puts our own E. Gator in a wait-and-see pattern.

But you know what’s got that potential cringe?

The team names. Hilarious. HyFlyers, Fireballs, RangeGoats, Crushers, Cleeks. It goes on. Here’s the full list.

It honestly sounds closer to Harry Potter to us.

The team-based LIV action kicks off next week at Mayakoba. TGL launches in early 2024. And in all honesty, we hope both are good for the game.

But we’ll see.

Happy “Birthday” Gilmore

February 16th, 1996. Where were you? That’s the day Happy Gilmore was unleashed to the world. Our lives have never been the same.

Happy Birthday, Happy.

Mind-blown: Shooter’s birthday was yesterday.

Tiger is planning to make a terrific comeback.

Tiger Woods is arguably the most famous golfer on the planet.

He’s the player that even non-golfers recognize as the face of golf.

The 47-year-old golf legend has had a rough couple of years. He suffered a horrible car accident in February 2021 that has kept him sidelined, until this weekend — at the Genesis Invitational.

Yes, he did try to come back a couple of times but had to drop out due to his lagging injuries.

But this time is different.

At least, Tiger says it will be different and made it very clear — He’s going for the W at the Riviera Country Club.

All eyes will be on the Genesis Invitational this week, and I think just about everyone wants to see Tiger back in top shape.

Quick look at the Genesis

It’s a pro-studded lineup, but we went through all the tee times and picked out the four groupings everyone is interested to see, right here:

No spoilers. We promise. Unless you want them.

As if we needed an excuse to binge-watch another Netflix show…

Full Swing is an eight-part documentary that covers the lives of some of today’s top golfers.

Some of them have gone over to the dark side (lol), aka LIV Golf.

We promised we wouldn’t give out any spoilers. But we’ll wrap it up by saying it’s definitely binge-worthy.

The entire docu-series went live Wednesday at the stroke (get it) of Midnight.

So clear out your calendar, call in sick, and do what you must do to watch it before someone gives out a spoiler.

Fan of spoilers?

Golf fan and sports reporter extraordinaire, Kyle Porter, binged the whole season (from Midnight to morning). Here’s his Twitter take with screenshots and commentary.

Escape from LA. And then come back a few years later.

It’s been a long time since the US Open was last played at the Los Angeles Country Club.

75 years to be exact.

But this year, it’s making a comeback.

The LA County Club course is almost a century old. So it definitely has some historical value.

But beyond its pedigree, it’s a really interesting course to play. According to the USGA, the reason why it was chosen is that it gives players several options.

Which translates to expecting the unexpected. Also, LA’s weather during mid-June is usually pretty friendly.

TLDR: Interesting course + good weather = exciting golf.

We can’t wait to see how it all goes down June 15 -18.

That’s it for today, golfers.

E. Gator

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