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Tiger Woods on Jimmy Fallon being shown memes of himself.

Tiger Woods Swings into Laughter on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Last night, the late-night TV enjoyed Tiger Woods (actually cracking jokes) alongside Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show”. The duo, bonded by their love for golf and Fallon’s well-known giggles.

The show kicked off with Tiger Woods sauntering onto the stage in a sleek dark blue “Sun Day Red” hoodie, encountering a puzzled Jimmy Fallon. The interview began with family talk, including Charlie and Sam Woods (Tiger’s kids).

The banter continued as they switched gears to talk about Tiger’s latest venture, his apparel and footwear line, Sun Day Red. Jimmy showed off his golf swing (sans club) in front of Tiger.

As the evening rolled on, the pair took a swing at golf humor, scrolling through a collection of golf memes that had recently gone viral. One unforgettable image showed Tiger awkwardly shaking hands with a tree at the Masters.

Fallon pulled out three hilarious memes for Tiger to see. Woods seemed nervous, at first, but ended up laughing fairly hard at them.

To cap off the night, Tiger and Jimmy engaged in a friendly, yet fiercely competitive, game of mini-golf, with Tiger ultimately emerging victorious. “I guess that’s why they call me Tiger,” he grinned, as Jimmy conceded defeat with a smile.

In the end, the unlikely pairing of Tiger Woods and Jimmy Fallon proved to be a hole-in-one for late-night entertainment, leaving viewers eager for their next hilarious on-screen adventure.

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