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Tiger Woods is Officially a YouTuber (and it was a great showing)

More and more, pros are getting into YouTube. Some are starting their own channels. Many more are collaborating with some of the biggest golf influencers NOT on tour.

Yesterday, so far as we know, Tiger Woods made his YouTube influencer debut with Barstool Sports golf brand — Foreplay Golf.

The video is fantastic and includes everything you’d hope for:

  • The high nerves of average-joe golfers waiting to meet the GOAT.
  • Tiger showing up in the classic red and black.
  • And something no one expected — Tiger’s understanding and flare for YouTube entertainment.

Tiger took over and saved his best idea for last. You see, one of the Foreplay golfers (Riggs) wanted help with his drive. When it was his turn, Tiger did help him get his driver straight and longer.

Then, Woods challenged Riggs to a long-drive contest.

First up, Riggs. And he takes the tips from Tiger and smashes a huge drive (for a recreational golfer). Then, in nervous anticipation, Tiger steps up to the tee…then gets on his knees.

Before what was happening sets in, Woods crushes a drive farther than Riggs’ — without the use of his legs.

Needless to say, the video is worth watching!

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