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They’re still cleaning Adelaide

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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

Adelaide was a party they’re still cleaning up after.

Can LIV stick it to the PGA on their own turf?

Myrtle Beach gets some pro tour love.

Adelaide was an F5 on the par-tay scale!

You know how no one understands how powerful a tornado was until they gauge the aftermath?

It’s kind of like that with parties, too.

If there is absolute carnage, made up of Solo cups and the smell of urine from unhealthy livers – you know it was an absolute romp.

All you can do the next morning, is shake off all the “shoeys” you drank and grab a trash bag.

And that’s precisely how some members of Adelaid’s The Grange golf club feel after LIV’s Adelaide event.

In case you missed it, LIV Adelaide was massive.

Over 60,000 raving golf fans visited the course in the sold-out event over the course of the weekend.

Realistically, it was expected that some damage on the course would be incurred.

But it clearly got out of hand.

Damage to Grange Golf Club by LIV Golf means it’s out of action for six months – and furious members say they don’t want the international tournament back. #TheAdvertiser #livgolfadelaide https://t.co/ixetC1DLNz

— The Advertiser (@theTiser)
May 8, 2023

Note: Allegedly, the course has responded by saying that this isn’t the case. We hope it’s true, and that Adelaide will be back with its own party hole, next season.

And some of the members are not ok with that. Because the damage to some of the courses was so large that it will take about 6 months to get them back in playing order.

The Grange is not cheap at over $4000 a year for membership fees plus a hefty initiation fee.

So they certainly have a point for wanting to keep them dang kids off their lawn. This gives us another opportunity to share one of our fav memes of all time:

Will team LIV bring it to the PGA Championship?

As we’re getting closer to the next Major, the field for the PGA Championship has been revealed.

And as it seems, team LIV will make a strong presence with an 18-man roster showing up at the highly anticipated major.

We all learned at the Masters that LIV golfers can certainly bring it with 3 out of the top-5 positions.

The question is, who will bring it?

Talor Gooch certainly has the spotlight on him, as he’s been on fire lately.

Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson have performed well decent at LIV events.

BUT as we saw at the Masters, they can turn it up when it matters. And let’s not forget Patrick Reed who tied for 4th.

Realistically, most of the roster showing up from team LIV have the skillset to be real contenders.

But they’ll be pairing up with John Rahm, Jordan Spieth, and Rory McIlroy who are at the top of their game too.

It will certainly be awesome to watch how they all show up at the PGA Championship next week.

Who knows, maybe there will be more drama now, since LIV showed up to the Masters. And since this is an official PGA event, it’s bound to have some shenanigans.

The PGA Tour comes to Myrtle Beach

It’s just been announced that a new PGA Tour taking place at Grand Strand’s Dunes Golf and Beach Club will be a part of the 2024 season.

The new event will be called the Myrtle Beach Classic and will be a full-field event with a $3.9 million purse that will certainly attract some of the Tour’s top talent.

For 2024, the event is scheduled to take place at the same time as another designated event, so that may take some of the spotlight away from it.

But nonetheless, the event will be an awesome opportunity for the Myrtle Beach golf community to watch some top-level golf closer to home. 

The dates for the Myrtle Beach Classic will be announced later this year.

And as we always say, more golf is more better.

And the winner is???

To be announced. You see, we’re not going to publicly name the winner, unless he or she is comfortable.

That said, check your inboxes because early next week we’ll be asking for your address. (And for permission to share your first name, and maybe a pic when you receive the Pro V1s!)

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Meme of the Day

😂😂When you lose a whole sleeve of golf balls, but use the same tee for an entire round:

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