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LIV scheduling has serious spoiler problems

Shot clocks in golf? It’s happened before.

PGA showing the ladies some love (is it because of LIV?)

Golf fans trying to watch LIV may need a spoiler alert system.

Watching LIV events has become less awkward. But awkwardness remains.

Initially, you had to go over to their Youtube channel and simply tune into the live stream.

Not what we’re all used to when watching golf, but since we’re in the year 2023, it’s not at all difficult.

In an attempt to reach a larger US audience, they ended up making it more difficult (IMO) to watch the events by partnering with the CW Network.

Because, seriously, who even watches the CW Network?

But we digress.

Now, they have made a purely logistical decision which made watching LIV’s Adelaide event a less satisfying experience.

This is because they made the decision to go with a tape delay so that CW viewers could watch them during regular US daytime hours.

But since we’re living in the year 2023, it’s almost impossible to not know how the event ended.

Let’s be honest. Avoiding spoilers in the modern era is nearly impossible.

Spoilers are everywhere in social media.

I guess it comes with the territory of having a worldwide tour that works in timeframes that aren’t compatible with US viewership.

After LIV’s showing at the Masters, and the subsequent Adelaide sellout — more people than ever are wanting to keep up with the tour.

Let’s hope they get their viewing situation honed in.

Is modern golf becoming too slow?

Yes, it is.

And slow players, especially the superstars need to be penalized, according to golf legend Lee Trevino.

Nobody is saying that the PGA Tour should develop a fast-paced version of their tournament or anything like that.

But just look back at the Masters (ahem.. Patrick Cantly), and its clear to see that the pace of play has become steadily slower.

And to make matters worse, it’s been years since a player has been penalized for slow play.

However, there is a precedent.

Case and point — Jack Nicklaus was once penalized for slow play.

It happened back in 1962 though. But will the PGA tour make it happen again and penalize some of its biggest stars?

We’re thinking probably not…BUT the slow play is a big issue and needs to be addressed one way or another.

Speaking of slow play: On that first round, early in spring, when every bad golfer is out hacking across the course.

Just keep it simple.

That’s the suggestion that Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson offer to the current conundrum of Majors eligibility.

Due to their non-simple rules that keep LIV golfers from earning points, the Golf World Ranking clearly isn’t the best solution to determine who gets to play at a Major tournament.

And as we saw at the Masters, if the majors want the best possible field of players they need to include LIV.

So what to do?

Phil and Bubba have a simple solution.

Simply ignore the Golf World Ranking and pick the top players from each league and be done with it.

It’s an elegant solution to a complex problem.

Phill and Watson, explaining their new plan like:

Because using the World Ranking system is more like using a super complex solution to a simple problem.

Now the question is, will any of the Major Tournaments listen to Phil and Bubba?

Course of the Week

LIV’s next event could be at one of the most scenic golf courses of the Eastern world — Sentosa Golf Club.

Just look at that background, that bunker, that club fee 👀

LIV Golf’s tournament this week is at the incredible Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore.

They currently have 1,600 members, and it costs about $600,000 to join. https://t.co/XweuzFOUMJ

— Joe Pompliano (@JoePompliano)
Apr 26, 2023

Is LIV planning to take over women’s golf too?

There’s no word whether that’s in the works or not.

But the PGA Tour is not taking any chances and is apparently increasing its support for the LPGA.

Its a good move, in our opinion.

LPGA tournaments simply don’t have the exposure, or purses, of their PGA Tour counterparts. This means that if LIV were to come around with their chunky checkbooks, they could surely lure the best LPGA golfers to the LIV side.

The good news is that the response has been positive for the LPGA.

An increase in attention by head honcho Jay Monahan is a good start. And more importantly, an increase in prize money at recent tournaments.

The golf world is growing. And thankfully the competition has helped the LPGA step up their game and make it more financially viable for more pro female players.

That said, it’s hard to keep the copying between LIV and the PGA clear!

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Both LIV and PGA marketing departments right now:

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