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Scheffler or Rahm POTY?

Scheffler or Rahm for Player of the Year?

Will LIV Rumors Cost Rahm Player of the Year?

In the whimsical world of golf, the PGA Tour’s 2023 Player of the Year contest is shaping up like a thrilling horse race, but with golf clubs instead of jockeys! It’s a playful duel between Scottie Scheffler, the Jack Nicklaus Award hopeful, and Jon Rahm, the Masters champion with a penchant for winning.

Picture Scheffler. He’s more consistent than a Swiss watch, snagging wins at the WM Phoenix Open and the Players Championship, and racking up a jaw-dropping 17 top-10 finishes. But… his putting has been off.

The rest of his game is like he’s playing a video game on easy mode.

Then there’s Rahm. The Spanish maestro, made victory laps four times this year, including a dazzling performance at the Masters. It’s like choosing between chocolate and vanilla – both are delightful in their own way!

Even Rory McIlroy, a golfing wizard who’s won the award thrice, is intrigued. He hinted during the Tour Championship that the final showdown might be the decider, adding a sprinkle of drama to the mix.

Both Scheff and Rahm slipped recently

However, both Scheffler and Rahm had a bit of a hiccup in their last PGA Tour appearance of 2023. Scheffler, who usually sticks to the leaderboard like glue, slipped a bit to finish T-6. Rahm, on the other hand, had a Sunday stumble, landing at T-18. Meanwhile, Viktor Hovland sneaked in like a ninja to win the FedEx Cup, becoming a surprise contender.

Scheffler, at 27, has been so consistent it’s almost suspicious – only missing the top 12 three times! He also came tantalizingly close at the PGA Championship and the U.S. Open. With a scoring average that’s the envy of calculators and a knack for avoiding bogeys like a cat dodges water, he’s been on fire.

Rahm, 28, isn’t far behind, with his own set of impressive finishes, including a T-2 at the Open Championship. His season was sprinkled with top-10s like chocolate chips in a cookie.

So, who will be crowned king of the green? It’s a nail-biting, club-swinging, birdie-making battle for the ages, and golf fans are perched on the edge of their seats, waiting to see which golfing superhero will take the trophy home!

Will Rahm’s rumored LIV move influence the decision?

One of the favorites (Jon Rahm) jumping ship from the PGA to LIV Golf could throw a wrench into the POTY decision. According to rumors, Rahm has a nearly $600 million offer on the table, from the Saudi-backed PIF league.

Another factor is the recent list of new perks the PGA is requesting from tournament host courses. These include something Rahm specifically asked for — more places to use the bathroom on the course!

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