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Rory was uncomfortable talking about the merge

GM. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that thinks the PGA players may end up with a raw deal.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

What we know don’t know about LIV/PGA merge

Ok, ok. So here’s exactly where we are.

Loyal PGA getting paid equity

Still shocked and still no answers

Last EasyPars issue we were left with so many questions.

What’s going to happen with LIV?

What’s going to happen with the PGA Tour?

What about the LIV golfers?

And as the days have gone by, we have no concrete/official answers from anybody.

The only thing we have is some new information (more on that later in this issue) and some of the reactions from Tour players.

Interestingly enough, not a lot from the LIV guys.

I guess having already cashed in their check with all those zeroes helps them not have to spend so much time on Twitter.

LIV is just a means to an end

Jimmy Dunne is the PGA Tour board member who has released some statements as to how this whole PGA Tour/PIF deal came to be.

It’s kind of a long story as you can imagine, so here are the bullet point takeaways.

Jimmy Dunne is the guy who decided to bypass LIV CEO Greg Norman and talk to PIF head honcho Yasir Al-Rumayyan directly.

They had their first convo around 5 months ago with some hush-hush meetings in various locations in Europe and the US

The PIF is interested in getting involved in golf. LIV was just one of the mechanisms they saw fit to use. That’s why they’re willing to strike a deal with the PGA Tour despite the ugly legal battle they had going on.

PGA Tour CEO Jay Monahan is going to be the guy who calls all the shots. Al-Rumayyan and the PIF will be the head of the board of directors.

LIV CEO Greg Norman got axed. He didn’t play nice with anyone, and Monahan will also take over LIV.

Even though the deal is still in the early stages, the basic setup will be that the PIF will function as the main Investment partner and the Tour will be the controlling partner aka the ones who decide how the big bucks will be spent.

That’s the gist of the origin story for the LIV/Tour merger.

It makes a lot of sense, The Tour went over to the PIF guys and said, “why not give us a chunk of your golf money, since we already know how the business works and know how to get people to watch it?”

Which clearly is the part of the puzzle that LIV hasn’t figured out yet.

Loyal PGA Tour players will get an equity bonus, probably.

This comment from Jimmy Dunne might help the Tour golfers feel more at ease throughout this turmoil.

Dunne mentioned that they’re evaluating giving the players, who received LIV offers but refused them, an equity share in the new-yet-to-be-formed entity.

That way they won’t feel like they missed a humongous payday.

He also mentioned that they have no clue how it will work and that they still need to figure out if it’s even possible.

It’s a definitely maybe for the PGA Tour guys it seems.

PGA Pros right now:

But you know who already has their money? The LIV guys.

Will they have a league to play in next season? Who knows — But their money is in the bank.

Rory mentioned that the press conference RIGHT after the merger announcement was “The most uncomfortable I felt in the last 12 months.”

Here’s a quick look at what Phil would’ve likely said, if they asked how he felt about that:

And now a little about golf, the game, not the business

Admittedly, the LIV/Tour merger is one of the biggest news stories not only in golf, but in all of professional sports.

So it’s understandable why it’s been getting so much coverage from the media this past week.

However, the US Open is getting closer and the experts are putting their bets on who’s going to take W next week.

The general consensus is that Jon Rahm, Scottie Scheffler, and Brooks Koepka are on the shortlist to take the win.

Rahm had an amazing start to the season, even though his Major performances haven’t been up to his usual standard.

Scottie is number one and has been super consistent as of late. Let’s not forget his recent ace which was simply breathtaking.

And Brooks, who doesn’t get as high a ranking, is clearly at the top of his game. He’s been on fire in the past three majors and there’s no reason to believe he won’t show up with his A game to the US Open.

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