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Rahmbo does it again, and Tiger’s feminine side

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Here’s what we’ve got today:

  • Rahmbo takes another victory
  • Tiger’s trash talk game
  • LIV making some strategic moves
  • An update on the WM Phoenix 16th Streaker

Rahmbo takes another win

It’s likely we have a new world #1 in golf and if you didn’t know — it’s John Rahm.

Snapshot of the Genesis Invitational final scores:


Rahm has the eye of the tiger, and an iron-clad constitution on the course. He also got a borderline questionable call (in his favor).

Here’s the story.

Johnny hit a drive that most of us would totally understand. It went so wide, it hit what looked to be a parking lot, nestling up to a fence. So bad, Rahm hit a provisional ball (again, just like most of us).

However, it was a temporary place to store things (for the course).

Rahm, whipped out his rule book and called TIO (short for “temporary immovable obstruction”). And the officials let my man drop and save par.

Tiger’s trash talk

More accurately, it was more of a gift with a huge insinuation. But it definitely falls into the trash-talk realm of things.

In our last newsletter (2/16), Tiger said he wasn’t going to just participate; he would bring it and chase the win.

And brought it, he did.

On the ninth hole, he was outdriving Justin Thomas. And decided to gift him a tampon.

Nothing spells confidence as a man who goes ahead and buys tampons in advance just to get in the head of his competition.

Later on that day, he did the same to Rory McIlroy (outdrive, not give a tampon).

Want to see it happen? Check out this tweet from @progolfstuff

Does this mean Tiger is back?


Even though he didn’t win, we did see flashes of the Tiger of old. It could be a sputtering time between being a primetime pro and switching to the Champion’s Tour.

The feminine product farce brought a ton of heat on Tiger, who issued the most non-apology — likely in the history of golf.

Oh, and JT had the last laugh since he did end up finishing substantially better at Riviera by placing 20th to Tiger’s 45th place.

Young people are getting into golf

Apparently, young people, Gen Zers to be precise, like golf now.

And they like it so much that they want to wear golf-inspired clothes everywhere they go.

Brands like Metalwood and Malbon have been paying attention and have come up with collections that you might actually want to wear when not golfing.

Yes, Gen Zers are the future of the sport, and for now, they’re making their mark by giving us slightly older folks options that aren’t your typical Nike or Adidas.

What’s giving the rise?

#1 Golf is awesome. But there are also some great creators that make hilarious content, like Manoloteachesgolf on TikTok.

And the Plot thickens…

LIV Golf hits the prime-ish time, beginning this Friday — with the Mayakoba event.

Plus, this week LIV news went wild with a few different key takeaways:

There seems to be significant progress in the LIV Golf vs PGA Tour legal battle.

To summarize, PGA Tour accuses LIV of trying to take over golf with unfair commercial practices. As they are part of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF).

Now a judge has ruled that PIF and its governor must produce documents in the ongoing litigation.

This is very interesting because it could shed some light on the business dealings of the PIF, which have historically been kept secret.

LIV will almost certainly appeal.

Another hiccup in the LIV Golf saga

Being the number 1 player is a big deal. Unfortunately, LIV players aren’t even in the running…Maybe.

The organization that decides the players ranking is OWGR. And they’ve decided that players participating in the LIV Golf tournament won’t be getting any official ranking points.

The main reason is that they don’t like LIVGolf their rules are structured in a way that makes qualifying a big part of their criteria.

Since LIV Golf will have 12 teams battle each other, there is no qualification. The teams are more or less locked in for the entire tournament.

No isn’t the final word on it. But it will require further discussion from the OWGR.

In a win, LIV snags 3 more top 100 PGA pros

The Genesis, and Tiger coming back, meant all eyes would be on the PGA this past week. And the LIV took full advantage.

3 pros announcing they would join the new name in primetime golf.

In a surprising move, one of the names was one who said they weren’t thinking about the LIV just a few short months ago — Brendan Steele.

The announcement even got coverage from Fox News, likely making the execs at LIV very happy.

Bailed out by his undies

Remember the guy with the mullet in a speedo who ran across the 16th hole at WM Phoenix?

As expected, he got arrested.

He was charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, and failure to obey a lawful order from law enforcement.

But lucky for him, the video of his annoying/entertaining stunt caught the attention of the brand of underwear he was wearing, Shinesty.

The good folks at Shinesty decided to bail him out. They reimbursed his bail and pitched in with the admin court fees.

I guess everything worked out in the end for our mullet-toting golf fan. Do we sense a sponsorship in the works?


Meme of the day


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