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RAHM OUT OF TGL: Rumors Spark a Social Media Frenzy

The newest shocking news has the golf world in a frenzy: Jon Rahm, the Spanish phenomenon and two-time major winner, will not play in the first season of the eagerly awaited tech-infused golf league, the TGL.

The fact that Rahm would not be teeing off sent shockwaves across the digital fairways as the excitement around TGL grows with the reveal of team names and the format for its inaugural event in 2024. 

Fans had been looking forward to TGL’s powerful presence with golf legends like Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods in this futuristic extravaganza, so this setback was disappointing.

The removal of Rahm’s name and any traces from social media posts and the league website earlier in the week indicated that his absence from the roster was more than just a whisper. The TGL quickly filled the hole, wishing Rahm well and stating that they were aware of the difficult balancing act players must do between personal and professional obligations. They also promised to reveal Rahm’s successor shortly.

However, this sudden retreat sparked a flurry of speculative discussion and excitement on social media. After recent remarks from Phil Mickelson and LIV management hinted at fresh talent transferring camps for the 2024 season, there were whispers on the internet that Rahm would switch to LIV Golf.

And get this: Due to Rahm’s prior management under Phil’s brother Tim and his shared management under Sportfive, things have just started to get more uncertain with each passing day! 

Since there hasn’t been an official confirmation to these rumors yet, golf fans are anxiously awaiting the next move in this fierce spectacle.

Given Rahm’s outspoken defense of the established format and his prior positions supporting the PGA Tour’s direction, the possible change would come as a shock to the golf community. “Shotgun three days to me is not a golf event, no cut. It’s that simple,” he said, emphasizing his preference for the conventional golf structure and his misgivings about the format offered by LIV Golf. 

So, probably not going to happen. In all likelihood — he doesn’t want to do it.

In a game where strategy and accuracy are crucial, Rahm’s absence from TGL’s starting lineup has created an exciting maelstrom of uncertainty. Will he turn to LIV Golf, or will he continue to support the origins of the sport he so fervently believes in?

As the plot thickens, one thing is certain as the rumors keep flying: the 2024 golf season is already promising to be an exhilarating roller coaster trip with unforeseen turns that not even the most seasoned caddy could have predicted! ⛳🌟

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