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Rahm loves to potty

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PGA Pro/Tour Commissioner meeting didn’t go great.

Rahm likes to potty.

Team EU is a beast already (Ryder Cup).

Fedex St. Jude Championship starts today!

How about adding some uncertainty to complement some unanswered questions?

The PIF and PGA Tour deal is lined up to be one of the biggest in professional sports history.

As you might imagine, it will have its ups and downs.

This seems like one of the downs.

Only 25 players showed up for a meeting with PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan at TPC Southwind.

As expected, Monahan didn’t reveal much about the proposed partnership with LIV Golf, which has had the golf world buzzing since June.

The overall vibe of the meeting left many players skeptical about the deal’s future.

Tom Hoge came out of the meeting and stated that he believed there was “a very real possibility” that the deal wouldn’t happen.

It seems like there are still a lot of puzzle pieces that need to fall into place.

Monahan hasn’t shared any concrete updates

The U.S. Senate and Justice Department are looking into the deal

And the PGA Tour’s next steps are still unknown

To make matters worse, in a recent press conference with sports media, Monahan shared that his recent stay at the hospital was due to anxiety from the PGA/Tour deal.

Probably not the most confidence-inspiring statement. Here’s what one fan had to say on Twitter X:

Is Jay Monahan for real? I am very sympathetic to mental health issues. But this guy caused his own anxiety by making a terrible deal with awful people.

PGA Tour desperately needs new leadership or the Saudis will take it all over very soon.

— Sean (@stholeary2)
Aug 9, 2023

Somebody, please give the man a port-a-potty.

When the press asked Jon Rahm what’s the one thing he would change in the PGA Tour he confidently replied “more port-a-potties”.

Funny as it may seem, I can truly see his predicament.

Let’s all remember that when he plays, there are people and TV cameras everywhere.

So even if all he needs is a quick whizz, he’ll likely not be able to find a free bush.

**Asks John Rahm how to make the PGA Tour better**

John Rahm’s answer:

“Port-a-Potty’s” 🤌

— parkerromo (@romoparker)
Aug 9, 2023

Just imagine not being able to hold it in, rushing to a nearby tree, only to realize you’ve got cameras on you.

Rahm stated that he’d requested it to the Tour several times.

We hope the Tour obliges, so Jon can keep 100% of his focus on playing golf and not worrying about where his next bathroom break will be.

Remember this quote from Brooks at The Masters:

“The group in front of us was brutally slow.”

See more: glfdig.st/jETE50NENSJ

— Golf Digest (@GolfDigest)
Apr 10, 2023

Team Europe is looking scary strong

It’s official! This coming Ryder Cup will have Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm playing for Team Europe. 

Very cool.

Rory and Jon are both Ryder Cup vets, and both have had a really solid 2023 season so far.

We don’t have the rest of the roster yet, nor do we know if they’ll be paired to play together — which would also be very cool to watch.

Just imagine having to go up against the current numbers 2 and 3 together.

Rory and Jon will tee off at the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club at the end of the month and you can bet we’ll be watching.

But, most of us here and subscribed to Easy Pars are from the 🇺🇸.

…So, I guess we’ll have to see if Team U.S. brings equal heat.

Top players will be showing up for the FedEx St. Jude Championship

It’s typical for the top players to take some time off and not show up for the tournaments at the tail end of the season.

But since we have the Ryder Cup coming up, most of them will take every opportunity they get to keep their game sharp.

That’s why the FedEx St. Jude Championship is looking to be a good one.

Scheffler, McIllroy, and Rahm are leading the pack in what seems to be an action-packed golf weekend.

Memes of the Day


This one’s for all the Monahan’s out there, not wanting to put up with their stressful work environment.

You watching the St. Jude Championship to squeeze out the rest of the season? We are!

We’ll be back Monday, with the results.

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