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Rahm gets physical? (and we’re a day late!)

GM. And Happy Thursday Friday. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that sometimes gets in too late for the action at the Royal Liverpool!

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

You don’t want to meet Rahm in an alley after a bogey

The Open at the Royal Liverpool!

Cantlay’s slow play is back

Another PIF deal update

“You’ve been warned.” -John Rahm

John Rahm is for the most part a pretty chill and down to earth professional athlete.

He managed to stay cool and collected through the initial stages of the LIV/PGA Tour drama and usually just focuses on playing the best golf he can.

Sure, occasionally, he has a small outburst, but they’re pretty vanilla. Even the worst of them.

But this time, he’s warned everyone to stay out of his way during The Open, especially if he just got a bad shot.

This “lighthearted” warning comes in the wake of threats made by oil protesters to interrupt gameplay during The Open.

Players received a memo from the organizers to “leave it to security and not get involved”.

Rahm stated, “I haven’t read the memo, but they better stay out of my way.” he also casually mentioned how they “really don’t want to get struck by a golf ball”.

My man out here threatening white collar violence.

Security will be increased at the Royal Liverpool golf course. But it’s a pretty big area.

Let’s just hope Rahm isn’t tested and we can see him focusing on his game.

Rahm to potential protestors: “You don’t want to get hit by a golf ball”

— Golf Monthly (@GolfMonthly)
Jul 18, 2023

The Open is Live!

As you’re reading this issue of Easy Pars, the last major of the year is already live and the first round is already on its way.

Who’s going to take home the W?

Rory is coming in strong from a recent win in Scotland, and is fairing alright, but he’s far behind the -10 leader, Brian Harman.

Rahm is always a contender if he can avoid “accidental” manslaughter.

And the usual suspects: Brooks, Cantlay, Scheff, and the rest of the gang. Unfortunately, only one of the competitors in the top 10 are in a “Featured group” meaning we can actually keep a live track of their game.

A potentially tricky position on 18. An impressive up and down.

Rory McIlroy heads into the weekend under par.

— The Open (@TheOpen)
Jul 21, 2023

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the field can be discounted, as we’ve learned from the US Open where Wyndham Clark had an amazing outing.

We’ll stay tuned and see what the Open brings as we reach the tail end of the 2023 season.

How slow is too slow?

That seems to be the question that Patrick Cantlay replies to when he’s asked about slow play.

There’s no doubt he’s a top-level player, especially after landing an ace earlier this season, but let’s just be honest for a minute. It takes him a long while.

Is it tactical? In the sense that he clearly annoys his fellow competitors.

We don’t know.

Does it work?


By seeing Brooks Koepka’s and Jon Rahm’s expressions from the masters you can tell it certainly affected them.

And for the first round of The Open, Cantlay is being paired up with Brooks Koepka and Hideki Matsuyama who are known to keep a spirited pace.

The question is, will Koepka be able to avoid manslaughter (just like Rahm) and give a strong performance as he’s had at every other major this year?

“Sure, we’ll take the money.”

Martin Slumber, the chief over at R&A mentioned that he’s open to investment from the PIF.

Which seems odd, after he openly criticized the funds that were backing LIV Golf.

Maybe he felt less compelled to be against the PIF after seeing what the PGA Tour is doing.


Or maybe he realized that having a BIG check from a new investor would help them match the purses from the PGA Tour and make their organization more appealing to pro golfers.


Whatever the case, Slumbers is now ready to accept reasonable offers.

Meme of the Day


Big Oil looking to get a logo on John Rahm’s shirt like:

That’s all we’ve got today. Sorry for the late email. We’re back to your regularly scheduled roasting of pro golf 💪

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