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2023 in Pro Golf: A wild and historic year

We’ve seen so much action, controversy, strife, and pro-golf news in 2023. It’s hard to boil it down into a single article.

Nevertheless, we’ll try with our top 10 moments.

1. We launched EasyPars!

First up, EasyPars got its start in 2023. We are beyond thankful for the thousands of people in our golf newsletter and Facebook community!

Now, onto the memes and memorable stories from this year in both the PGA and LIV Golf tours.

2. The 16th Streaker at the WM Phoenix Open

Seems like years ago, right?

So much has happened, it’s hard to think that one of the first events of 2023 was so much fun. We certainly had a laugh, writing about this event in multiple newsletters, here and here.

The streaker ended up going to jail, but was bailed out by the brand of underwear he was wearing, Shinesty.

We naturally sensed a brand deal in the works. Sadly, it never happened.

3. New Stars Emerged

Last year, the biggest news was the launch of LIV Golf (we’ll get to that shortly). The year ended up with Rory on top, as world #1.

Well this year, new powerhouses were forged on the tourney circuit. Three most notable names:

  • Scottie Scheffler
  • Jon Rahm
  • Brooks Koepka
  • Viktor Hovland

Look, you probably have another to add to the list, but these 4 people were battling, with a capital B all year long.

Remember the final 2 days of the Masters? No worries if you don’t, it’s next on our list.

4. The 2023 Masters Tournament

This tournament. Wow.

The 2023 Masters honestly deserves its own roundup post! But here are some highlights:

  • LIV players do so well, including Koepka and Mickelson, coming in tied for 2nd
  • Rahm and Koepka battle for two days, side by side
  • Cantlay’s slow play style broke the golf internet
  • Tiger (allegedly) had a bone sticking out of his foot

And of course, we were there with the memes!

5. Scottie’s putting

Honestly, Scottie’s putting had been bad all season, until a couple of weeks ago. If he’d honed in (then), to what he has (now), he’d have put down some of the other stars on our list above.

His play, putting aside, was so good – Scheffler could’ve dominated the likes of which we haven’t seen since a Tiger in his prime!

But…like many of us…Scottie couldn’t roll the rock that great.

The reason it’s on our list is due to his commitment to be the best in the game. He’s done a lot to improve his putting. And in less than a year, after technique and equipment changes, Scottie’s putting is now on fire.

Look out 2024.

6. The infamous PGA/PIF deal

One thing is for sure, this deal is one of the biggest shocks in sports history.

While we still have zero details about the merge, and a penciled in due date of December 31st, the deal seems to be 50/50 on even if it’ll happen.

This story is weird and oddly the least interesting thing going on in golf right now.

7. The ball rollback

What a back-and-forth this was is!

As of now, we’ll all be hitting shorter, come 2028. But it’s not 100% certain it’ll stick around. I’d imagine Bridgestone, Callaway, and Titleist are all lobbying to get this reversed.

Here, here, and here are a few times we’ve written on the topic. And as we said, in Monday’s issue, we don’t see it sticking around!

8. Golf suffers loss

It’s important to remember we lost two of the greatest non-pro golf influencers this year – Bob Barker and Jimmy Buffet.

Bob’s Happy Gilmore character has been in the EasyPars welcome email since day one. And Jimmy Buffet loved the sport as much as music.

They are missed.

9. The Ryder Cup

We don’t know which Ryder Cup performance was more remarkable – Team USA’s complete botch job, or Team EU’s incredible display of dominant golf-playing.

The best thing the US golfers did was go to Rome with mullets!

On the other hand, Hovland, Rory, Rahm, and many other EU players put on a clinic that effectively ended the Ryder Cup after day one!

What an event.

10. Rahm did what?!?!?!

You know we couldn’t end this round-up without the latest breaking story, the biggest sports betrayal, and largest $$$ payout this year – and in the history of golf.

Jon Rahm went to LIV golf after gushing about how he loves the PGA and doesn’t need any more money.

Now, he’ll get his own team. And LIV? Can’t imagine they can be any happier.

They get the world’s #2 golfer. LIV players have won 4 of 5 DP World Tour events, so far. And the PGA has had a series of drawbacks – from the TGL’s roof collapse, Monahan’s poorly-perceived performance, and so much more.

Honestly, 2024 is shaping up to be a continued story of 2023’s golf year.

What else? Did we miss something (obviously)?

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Later gator.

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