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PGA shows more skin than LIV…Again.

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  • Pro shows a little skin (hint: it wasn’t an LIV player)
  • Mayakoba’s olive branch and the details from this past weekend
  • More mic’d up? Yes, please

Partial nudity at a golf tournament, again!?

Ok, so LIV Golf’s tagline is “Golf, but Louder.” And one of the biggest outward differences between the up-and-coming league and the PGA is the ability for the men to wear shorts.

So you’d think, the first televised head-to-head tournaments (Honda Classic and Mayakoba) — LIV would clearly take the skin-showing.

OR, at least there’d be some Phoenix Open-esque shenanigans. Sadly no.

A couple weeks ago, the PGA had the 16th Streaker. And this past weekend, a pro nearly matched the same level of…exposure.

Akshay Bhatia had some trouble that landed his golf ball in the muck, not once but twice. To his credit, he wasn’t about to need a drop or a stain stick. This champion stripped down and hit the ball like a (nearly-naked) man.

Two shirtless shots in one round?!?


Again, he did it not once, but twice.

Akshay Bhatia is now all over social, check out the tweet above where he explains why his sudden wardrobe change was necessary.

Can there be peace between two golf leagues?

A few big PGA/LIV moves this week.

First, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the PGA Tour and LIV Golf could get past their differences and just get along?

That’s what Mayakoba CEO Borja Escalada expressed in a recent interview during LIV Golf’s inaugural event of the season.

From his view, there’s no reason why both tournaments can’t coexist.

Sure, there’s some legal back and forth between them.

But they’ll probably bury the hatchet on that one, right?

Even though Mayakaba was more or less dumped by the PGA tour at the end of last season, Escalada says that the PGA Tour is welcome to return to Mexico’s premier golf course.

Although unlikely, it would be nice to see both leagues living in harmony.

Next, maybe you can have your cake and eat it.

That’s what seems to be the case for the pros that have crossed over to the LIV side of golf.

Put lightly, the PGA Tour wasn’t happy to see some of its biggest stars move over to LIV.

So to motivate the players to stay, they decided it would be a good idea to suspend players to prevent them from competing in the four majors of the year.

However, the strategy hasn’t been working out all that well for the PGA Tour.

LIV has kept on signing more players. And as it seems, they’ll also be able to play the four majors.

The organizers for the US Open, PGA Championship, The Masters, and St Andrews have decided to allow LIV players to compete.

Maybe the PGA Tour will have to reevaluate its strategy to keep its top stars. Because LIV’s approach of offering a big paycheck is clearly working.

Finally, great PGA golf and great LIV golf happened this weekend

Yes, The Honda Classic didn’t have virtually any of this season’s heaviest hitters. Maybe that explains why LIV pros had overall lower scores. But golf happened, and it was great to watch.

We agree with Twitter account (@LIVGolfLatest) when they say, “It’s ok to watch both LIV and the PGA Tour

Congrats to Charles Howell III and Chris Kirk for pulling out victories at Mayakoba and the Honda.

So who really won you ask?


Of course, it’s impossible not to compare both promotions, especially with all the drama going on between them.

But at the end of the day, as golf aficionados, we just got to see more top level golf.

Can’t complain about that.

Yes to more cool stuff like this!

Have you ever wondered what the pros do before the tournament starts?

What’s their morning routine look like? How do they prep before the action starts? No need to wonder anymore.

PGA Tour Live is expanding its micd up segment of player interviews to the driving range.

These are 5-minute interviews with the players while they’re warming up and getting ready to go.

One of this week’s interviews was with former Honda Classic winner Camilo Villegas.

And it was really cool to hear what’s going through his mind in a setting that’s not your typical interview.

Well done PGA Tour Live.

Breaking: From Front Office Sports, Tiger and Rory have confirmed all pros in their upcoming TGL league will be mic’d up 100% of the time! We’re increasingly intrigued by this new golf format.

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