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PGA Pros getting involved in Maui Fire Relief

PGA Pros getting involved in Maui Fire Relief

Well, Xander Schauffele just put on his superhero cape after the FedEx Cup St. Jude Championship on Sunday. Following in the grand tradition of golfers like Collin Morikawa, who pledged to drop $1,000 for every birdie he played in Memphis, our SoCal hero Schauffele thought, “Why not?”

“The PGA TOUR is kind of a big deal with the whole ‘giving back’ mantra, so I thought, ‘Guess it’s my turn!’” Schauffele jested after his Sunday round in Memphis. “Noticed Collin being all generous before this week, especially since he’s got that cool connection with his granddad’s eatery there. Why not help out some folks?”

Taking a leap into the future, he announced on his “X profile” (you might know it as Twitter in the good old days), that his swanky Xander Schauffele Family Foundation, along with the posh Hawaiian Host Group, would happily match your coffee money, up to $100,000 each! For those keeping count, that’s aiming for a whopping $400,000 total to assist our Maui friends.

Tweeting his heart out, Xander said:
“My heart’s with everyone handling the Maui fires. Let’s all chip in (pun intended) and make a difference. #MauiStrong #HelpMauiRise #HawaiianHostGroup”

Following suit, Hawaiian queen Michelle Wie West took a moment from her busy Insta-life to share that she’s donating $100,000 for the “sudden spa day funds” of the affected families.

The island connection? Morikawa’s grandpa was the “go-to” for grubs in Lahaina, and Schauffele? Well, he played baby golf there. “My pops learned his golf swagger in Kauai, and, man, do we love those islands,” he shared. A birdie whispered in his ear that things aren’t looking too tropical there now.

Being 29 and with a heart of gold, Schauffele, along with Morikawa, recognized the essence of the ‘aloha spirit’. “This is probably the biggest non-volcano related mess they’ve seen,” Schauffele remarked. “Our aim? Raise funds faster than I can hit a hole-in-one. Hawaii could use the aloha, pronto!”

Rest assured, every dollar from Schauffele’s pocket is flying straight to the Hawaii Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund. Let’s make a difference, one birdie at a time!

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