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PGA/LIV agreement leaked (what we know)

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Rory gets an illegal drop, scot-free

What we know about the PGA/PIF leaked agreement (hint: nothing)

Sergio loves Rory

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Rory got a lucky/questionable drop at the US Open

It wasn’t his (Rory’s) fault.

That, first and foremost, is the most important aspect that the USGA wants to be clear about.

USGA says…

Not Rory McIlroy’s fault, but drop Sunday at U.S. Open incorrect: https://t.co/GmMIroBCsP https://t.co/Fy8JhIpa6I

— Golf Central (@GolfCentral)
Jun 27, 2023

During the last round of the US Open, Rory McIlroy got a questionable drop that definitely helped him stay in the race and finish second. 

The USGA reviewed the ruling from the judge after the fact and determined that it wasn’t correct. If the rules had been followed, it would have been a significantly harder shot for Rory.

Admittedly, it was a tricky situation because the ball was embedded in an area with a vertical face. So the “club length” measure is hard to do in those scenarios.

The USGA was also clear that Rory followed the instructions from the course referee and didn’t try to gain an unfair advantage out of the situation.

It was an unusual situation that ended up favoring Rory at a critical moment in the tournament.

Would it have finished differently if he had gotten the “correct” call?

There’s no way to know, but Rory is ridiculously skilled so he might have been able to pull it off anyway.

The PGA Tour and PIF agreement has been leaked

Will we finally be getting answers to where professional golf will be headed after the mega deal between PIF and PGA Tour?

Not really.

But we will get some insight we can speculate on.

This past week the official agreement between the PIF and PGA Tour was leaked.

It was only a matter of time since this deal is being subject to a lot of scrutiny from the US Department of Justice and the Senate.

Although it’s not the first time in professional sports that an organization takes over a competing league, the funding aspect of it is unheard of.

Here’s a TLDR of what the agreement states, and 3 things we know that MAY happen.

The framework agreement between the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and PIF. https://t.co/utQK0JefYV

— No Laying Up (@NoLayingUp)
Jun 27, 2023

The PGA Tour will have the power to decide the direction of the league. But the funding from all tournaments will be determined by the PIF.

1. LIV Golf may or may not continue.

The two possibilities being contemplated are to dissolve it or to absorb it as a team golf tournament under the PGA Tour brand.

2. LIV players may be allowed to return to the PGA Tour.

But they won’t make it simple for them, as they may have to go through “special” qualifiers.

3. Some players may have to go through a disciplinary hearing aka a slap in the wrist once the new entity is formed.

This means Phil might not have it easy, or could even be fined if LIV dissolves and he wants to return to the Tour.

So, from the unofficial leaked agreement…drum roll, please… We still don’t know what’s going to happen.

This was only an initial agreement between both parties. But the new corporation hasn’t been formed yet. The deal has yet to be approved by the regulating entities.

In other words, we still have no idea what’s going to happen, since literally nothing in this preliminary deal has been green-lighted.

The suspense continues.

Big Golf right now:

Why can’t we all just get along?

In case you didn’t know, Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia were pretty close friends back in the day.

They played together in the Ryder Cup and the team camaraderie sparked a strong friendship.

But then LIV came along and changed all of that.

Apparently, they couldn’t be friends if their respective employers were battling out in the courts and saying ugly things about each other.

Now that there’s no more legal squabble to keep them apart, Rory and Sergio can be friends again.

Garcia mentioned in a recent statement that “I gained a friend back.” after reconnecting with Rory at the US Open.

So far, the golf fandom world is mixed on even this reunion.

“The most important thing is that I got my friend back.” – Sergio on Rory and also me choosing to overlook the fact that my sister steals all of my clothes because she’s finally coming home for the summer

— claire rogers (@kclairerogers)
Jun 28, 2023

For their friendship’s sake, let’s hope that the LIV/PGA Tour deal doesn’t fall through. It would be terrible to see this rock-solid friendship fall apart yet again.

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