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Ok, NOW the PGA should be a little scared

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LIV fans showed up to Adelaide

So did pro-level performance

What’s your home course? (We want to know)

LIV got the party started

One of the biggest questions for LIV’s next stop in the tournament was whether anyone was going to watch it.

The numbers still haven’t come in, so we’ll have to wait a bit to get the figures.

But what we do know is that LIV definitely got the party started in Adelaide.

The event sold out completely and over 125,000 tickets were sold over the weekend.

👀 Just look at this video of the crowd, from @livgolf_league.

Adelaide showed UP ❤️🙌

#LIVGolf https://t.co/pd7JUXhlHq

— LIV Golf (@livgolf_league)
Apr 23, 2023

That is very impressive for any event, not just for the newcomer golf league.

So what does this mean? Has LIV officially started taking over?

Depends on two things: Target audience and timeline.

Right now, LIV arguably has an edge over two audiences the PGA hasn’t been to keen to woo. Namely, international and younger golf fans.

Sure, the PGA has many events around the world, but arguably zero with the prestige of the typical Western haunts.

The Masters was incredible, but not easy for fans east of Europe to track.

And those Eastern PGA events? They get about as much coverage as a late-night infomercial — because that’s when they air on ESPN Ocho late night Golf Channel.

LIV is paying attention to fans in other time zones, which happens to cross over with young golf fans in the west, who stay up late. Maybe they’re watching the CW?

So, what happened at Adelaide? Aside from the sold-out success, there were 3 things:

A well-earned shower

The watering hole at LIV’s Adelaide tournament was designed to let fans see the action from up close and have a beer or two while they’re at it.

The real hope is that you’d be able to witness a hole-in-one at the par 3 12th hole.

Hole in ones don’t come about often.

They’re a literal long shot.

But Chase Koepka came to the rescue and landed an impressive Ace. Where did it happen?

The party hole —giving everyone at the Watering Hole their money’s worth.

To celebrate, the fans gave Chase a well-earned beer shower.

Chase Koepka with the ACE at the watering hole!

LIV Golf Adelaide is on fire! https://t.co/in4cZ7eGMS

— LIV Golf Nation (@LIVGolfNation)
Apr 23, 2023

Aces are always special, but landing one with thousands of screaming fans must have been something else.

Talor Gooch dominates at LIV Adelaide

After almost letting go of a 10-shot lead in the last round, Talor Gooch closed the deal and got his first LIV W.

Gooch played a tight game and it was clear by the start of the last round that he was way ahead of the pack.

The 31-year-old Oklahoman took home $4 million for his handiwork in Adelaide. And as it turns out, his whole team also played a solid game, so they also get to share the $3 million team prize.

Perspective: In one weekend, Talor Gooch made over half the earnings of his entire 121 start PGA Tour career.

Is LIV simply irresistible?

According to Greg Norman, LIV is the most compelling option for a lot of top level golfers.

And in a recent statement, mentioned that he has a long line of PGA tour golfers interested in joining the ranks. But since the field is capped, they have a limit to how many new players they can hire.

Pre-Masters, the consensus was that LIV was a less competitive league. But after seeing so many impressive performances at that tournament, this perception might not be holding up.

Factor in that LIV golfers get a very healthy signup check and the chance to make exorbitant amounts of prize money.

LIV without a doubt has made itself very desirable. Maybe LIV CEO Greg Norman has a point, LIV is irresistible.

LIV Golf interested in women’s tour, says Greg Norman #sportspromedia #livgolf  https://t.co/yWV5cqGZQl

— Paul Poole (@PPSEACL)
Apr 24, 2023

The rebel CEO even said he’s spoken with a lot of pro ladies interested in kicking off a ladies league. Is the L-LIV in our future?

A call to our readers. What’s your course?

We’ve seen the “top 100 public courses” list and they’re still not exactly the most inviting (even though beautiful).

And we also know there are 1000’s of beautiful —and beautifully accessible courses in this world of ours.

Here’s what we want: Give us your favorite spot to actually play golf. Or a list of courses. You know, the courses average golfing joes and gators will play a couple times per week month — and still be able to afford the mortgage.

Please send your first name, pics on the course, maybe the course site, and why you love to play there to e.gator@easypars.com

We’ll begin featuring these actually playable courses in a segment called “Course you can play Mondays” — hopefully, as soon as next week!

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