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GM. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that is excited for the U.S. Open!!!

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

Hyflyers logo was 100% original likely stolen.

The tackle that took the golf world by storm.

Brooks, Rory, and Rahm tee off together today!!

Probably the best thing to ever happen to these guys

Sometimes people just get lucky.

Such is the case of the Argentine brand Fallen

You probably haven’t really heard of them, they’re not huge, and don’t have much of a presence in the US.

But what they do have is a logo that they created back in 2003.

The best part of this logo is that Phil Mickelson’s LIV golf team, The HyFlyers, created one that is just about identical.

Take a look:

🚨#NEW: LIV Golf’s HyFlyers GC are being sued in New Jersey Court for trademark infringement. The lawsuit, filed by Cool Brands Supply alleges that their logo, which has been in use since 2003 by one of their popular skate brands has been ripped off. LIV (left) vs. Fallen… https://t.co/OC9FRTNGWp https://t.co/1Wjw5uzhNH

Jun 12, 2023

So they did what any company would’ve done in their shoes. They sued the HyFlyers.

Sounds like easy money and it probably will be.

Is this Phil’s fault? Probably not, but he does own 25% of the team, so it will probably hurt his pocket a bit.

But Phil’s pockets are so ridiculously massive these days that we doubt he’ll even notice.

Is it NFL season yet?

No, it’s not. But apparently, that wasn’t 100% clear at the Canadian Open this past weekend.

Brief recap, it’s the first time in like forever that a Canadian golfer wins the Canadian Open.

It was an awesome win by Nick Taylor who sealed the deal with an epic eagle.

So as you can imagine, everyone there felt like celebrating was appropriate.

Adam Hadwin, a pro golfer currently ranked 70 and fellow Canadian, also felt it was a good idea to celebrate his friend’s win by showering him with champagne.

As he stormed the green, his celebration was put on ice by the best tackle we’ve ever seen this side of the NFL.

One of the event’s security staff didn’t recognize Hadwin, so he did his job and rushed in to tackle who he considered being an intruder who could potentially attack Nick Taylor.

Hadwin wasn’t injured and he did what any good Canadian would do. He apologized to the security guard for being tackled.

Soon after the tackle, everyone clarified that it was a mistake, and Adam Hadwin took the whole situation in stride and was back up and celebrating the historic moment.

The USGA made a funny

The USGA is not known for its sense of humor.

Honestly, we didn’t even know they had one.

But they proved us wrong.

Just check out this tweet following Adam Hadwins’s tackle.

Ready for a great week @usopengolf. Thanks to the @USGA for keeping me safe! https://t.co/qbUbOkvWvK

— adam hadwin (@ahadwingolf)
Jun 12, 2023

Definitely on the funny side of things.

Good to see that they’re embracing their newfound sense of humor. Can’t wait to see what they do next week.

Brooks has his eyes on the prize

Brooks Koepka has been on fire in each and every one of this year’s Majors.

To his own admission, “There’s only four weeks of the year I really care about.

And it shows.

Not to say that he hasn’t had solid performances with LIV, because his game has been consistent. But his Majors performances are at an entirely different level.

So it should come as no surprise that when asked at a press conference what are his thoughts about the LIV/PGA Tour merger he replied “I haven’t paid too much attention to it, honestly,”

And why should he?

He cashed in the humongous check and he’s playing some of the best golf of his career.

Brooks Koepka is having his cake and eating it too.

The best part? Him, Rory, and Rahmbo are grouped together — today and tomorrow. Let’s just say, we here at EP can’t wait until 4:54pm EST!

The top three players in the Official World Golf Ranking will tee it up alongside each other at the Players Championship.

Rory. Brooks. Rahm.

Here is a look at all eight featured groups for the opening two rounds: https://t.co/QOxJQt5oj1 https://t.co/WsMJhn3n4S

— Golf Central (@GolfCentral)
Mar 8, 2020

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That’s it for today, golf fans. We’ll be back Monday with some hopefully epic tales from the U.S. Open!!

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