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Phil and Rory are at it, again

Viktor finally gets a W

LIVs not going anywhere (2024 preview)

Phil shoots away at Rory

It’s that time of the week again, “Phil Mickelson’s Angry Tweet Time”

So what did Phil tweet this time?

After a tweet where Rory is talking about how PGA Tour’s schedule is affecting his golf game. Phil decided it was the perfect moment and chimed in with how LIV’s schedule is perfect.

The kicker is that he wrapped it up with a “but nobody likes you Rory” bit at the end of it.

@mrmckee @SmashGC As worn out as Mclroy was after the Masters and his need for an off season, LIV would be perfect for him. Problem is I don’t think there’s a team that wants him on it because they’d have to deal with all his bs.

— Phil Mickelson (@PhilMickelson)
Jun 3, 2023

I guess it’s no surprise to anyone at this point that Rory and Phil aren’t the best of friends. Rory in Netflix’s Full Swing documentary was pretty concise about that.

Also, factor in that both Rory and Phil are the non-official spokesmen for their respective leagues.

And a touch of saltiness along with the fact that team LIV has been tearing it up in the majors, and you have the recipe for some good old Twitter drama.

What was Rory’s comeback?

We didn’t get one because he was probably too busy playing golf at the Memorial Tournament where he finished in a T7.

Here’s an oldie but a goodie tweet that shows both Phil and Rory, from the early days:

@AlanShipnuck Let’s get this LIV Golf⛳️ Party started🤣 https://t.co/N4rvZE4cox

— new account is @MichaelNot69761 (@MichaelNotMike4)
Jun 9, 2022

As a secondary “benefit”, it seems like all that downtime that the LIV guys have from their more relaxed schedule lets them stay on top of the Twitter-verse.

Viktor Hovland shoots away Rory, too.

Viktor had impressive showings at The Masters and other tournaments. And it finally paid off with the win at Muirfield Village Golf Club.

Even Phil took a minute to offer congratulations:

When Viktor Hovland turned pro he was a solid player. He has since worked hard on his game,increased his club head speed a lot,improved his putting and chipping immensely and is now one of the best in the game.After this win and his play in PGA,he’s a/the favorite to win US open.

— Phil Mickelson (@PhilMickelson)
Jun 4, 2023

Congrats, Vicktor, great showing!

What’s he doing after winning $3.6 million yesterday? He’s caddying for a buddy. Whataguy.

No rest for the champion.

Less than 24 hours after his victory @MemorialGolf, Viktor Hovland is caddying for former @OSUCowboyGolf teammate Zach Bauchou at U.S. Open Final Qualifying in Columbus. https://t.co/j6LdZxOGGt

Jun 5, 2023

It’s to (hopefully) help Zach Bauchou into the U.S. Open. Speaking of which —

The US Open qualifier is nigh…

Today, June 5th, is known as the longest day in golf. In fact “#golfslongestday is trending on Twitter.

Everything one needs to know about Golf’s Longest Day and the quest to get into the 2023 @USOpenGolf

Updates from sites across the U.S. and Canada for today’s qualifying.

— Korn Ferry Tour (@KornFerryTour)
Jun 5, 2023

Why? Because it’s the day that the qualifiers for the US Open take place.

Not just any qualifier. More than 10,000 golfers enter, with only 156 qualifying spots — and one winner. 

These tournaments take place over multiple courses, and everyone wants to take one of the coveted US Open available spots.

So who are some notable players to keep your eye on?

The teenage phenoms

18-year-old Dylan Block, 15-year-old Cameron Kuchar, and 17-year-old Max Ennis are some of the youngest players to participate in the qualifiers that have real chances of punching a ticket.

All of them have been able to dominate the fields in several tournaments, so if they’re able to repeat their past performances they could be some of the youngest US Open players to qualify.

Players on a hot streak

Harold Varner, who was ranked 67 before moving to LIV, just won LIV’s DC event. Those $4 million in prize money should be a pretty good motivation to keep it rolling for the US Open.

Ludvig Aberg is currently the number 1 in the world amateur rankings. He’s a senior in Texas Tech who just earned his PGA Tour card, so winning a spot in the US Open would give him a great first step into the highest level of play.

A spot for LIV’s 2024 season is up for grabs

The Asian Tour International Series will host an event at the Colt Course at Close House Golf Club near Newcastle, England.

And it looks like the field will be stacked with some of the best of the best.

The organizers reported that about 10 players from LIV will be participating in the tournament.

And besides having a chunky $2 Million purse, it seems like a spot for LIV’s 2024 season is also up for grabs.

There wasn’t too much disclosed about the specifics, other than that the player who finishes in the top spot will be considered for a spot in LIV.

This will make it pretty interesting, as surely a lot of players are looking forward to having a go at LIV’s greener pastures.

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That’s it for today, but we’ve got so much golf left in the year. The Open, Ryder Cup, LIV drama.

What’s the biggest thing you’re looking forward to seeing?

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