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A whole new meaning to golf ball-sized hail

The PGA Tour breezed through Minnesota for the 3M Open, days ago. And now, Minnesota’s fabulous golf scene is grabbing headlines once again.

Oakdale Golf Club, a charming spot about an 80-mile drive (or 4,000 golf swings) west of downtown Minneapolis, decided to host an unexpected hail party this past weekend. Talk about poor RSVP etiquette!

In a video dropped faster than my golf balls into a water hazard on the NUCLR Golf Twitter account, we see the golf course buried beneath hailstones the size of softballs.

I mean, imagine rolling up to the green and finding it’s been turned into a quirky game of cosmic pinball, with Mother Nature at the helm.

The scene at Oakdale? Hundreds of rogue “ball marks” you definitely can’t blame on your buddy this time.

Now, this weather hiccup is a bit of a speed bump for Oakdale’s business model. Besides missing out on the green fees (and believe me, the irony isn’t lost on us), the course is now staring at the possibility of dolling out some serious cash to pamper those precious greens back to health.

Here’s the kicker: Oakdale is such a steal! You can literally live the golf dream – 18 holes with a cart – for under 40 bucks from Monday to Thursday. And if you’re feeling extra fancy on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Just whip out $46.

For folks near the Twin Cities, it’s practically a steal without the ski mask.

There’s a silver lining, though. Oakdale does have a driving range where you can whack some balls and pretend the hail was all just a weird dream. Let’s cross our clubs and hope that the practice area isn’t too dinged up, or else things could get even more interesting.

So, dear golfing aficionados, once the chaos subsides, let’s give Oakdale some love, and perhaps a golf clap or two. 🏌️‍♂️👏

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