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LIV, Love, Golf — LIV Golfer wins PGA Event

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Phil ties Jack Nicklaus for cuts made.

PGA Championship was like watching a knock off of the Revenant.

LIV shows up! Koepka takes the W at the PGA Championship

Brooks Koepka has now cemented himself as one of the best golfers in the world, while also bringing the LIV much more credibility.

In a very tough tournament (weather and cranky golfers), Brooks shined.

Maybe that’s his super power. The Masters was cold and dreary and Brooks was hot. Then, as things got temperate, he fell apart. The weather at the PGA Championship must’ve been perfect for Brooks.

What a week at Oak Hill.

May 22, 2023

But the real question is: Will the PGA take them more seriously now that LIV has clearly proven they’re on par — skill-wise?

Not a chance.

Depending on how things go, we could see tighter restrictions (and if you can believe it) fewer LIV golfers invited to any primetime events.

But, who knows.

Phil’s lucky break and record tie.

There are times in life when being wrong turns out to be the best thing that can happen to you.

Phil found himself in a tricky situation after having to take a drop at Oak Hill’s sixth hole.

While taking a drop, he was approached by one of the officials that explained to him that he wasn’t taking the right drop.

This ended up in a several-minute conversation between the six-time major champion and the official.

Brooks Koepka just won his 5th major at a younger age than Phil Mickelson won his 1st major.

— Dan Rapaport (@Daniel_Rapaport)
May 22, 2023

The conclusion was that Phil’s appreciation of the rule was wrong because there was a rule change that came into effect in 2023.

Even though he initially disagreed, he ended up thanking the rule’s official.

The drop he got with the updated rules gave him a better line that helped him recover from the double bogey, and ultimately found himself making the cut.

This was Phil’s 100th time he made the cut, which put him right next to golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

Phil Mickelson made the cut in a major for the 100th time today. One hundred. That’s 25 years of majors if you make the cut in all of them. Yes, 25×4 still equals 100. That’s an incredible accomplishment.

— Dan Rapaport (@Daniel_Rapaport)
May 20, 2023

A rainy day makes everyone, except Brooks Koepka, cranky.

The PGA Championship was blasted by rain and wind throughout the weekend.

Clearly, the conditions weren’t optimal.

So that took Oak Hill from being one of the most challenging courses on the tour to being downright frustrating. That said, we’ve all golfed in the rain, right?

It’s still a day on the course for us. But for these pros, it’s like they were dropped on the set of The Revenant.

Want proof?

We got good-guy Jon Rahm getting angry at a cameraman who happened to be doing his job.

After hitting the ball off a tree, Rahm told the cameraman to “Stop aiming at my face when I’m mad, that’s all you guys do.”

‘It’s all you guys do’ – Furious Jon Rahm confronts cameraman at PGA Championship

https://t.co/7fXOPbkxd2 https://t.co/uXYzVsq5lT

— GolfWRX (@GolfWRX)
May 22, 2023

Pretty vanilla as far as outbursts go, but it just goes to show how frustrated Rahm was.

Then we’ve got Jordan Spieth who had some clearly audible expletives.

And Taylor Moore with the classic two-handed club throw. And Rory with another a bit of a rant.

(He dropped a clearly audible F*bomb after taking a shot that wasn’t up to his standards during the second round of the PGA Championship.)

It was a rough day for a lot of top level golfers, and the hot mics picked up a lot of what the players had to say.

But you know who wasn’t cranky? Brooks Koepka

Rumor has it while the other pros were pitching a fit, he was on the 12th green, reenacting his favorite movie scene:

The LIV golfer had an amazing PGA Championship. He ended up going head to head with Scottie Sheffler and Victor Hovland in an epic closing of the tournament where he emerged victorious.

This is a really awesome followup to his Masters 2nd place.

Team LIV takes home the W at the PGA Championship, and we just know that this will make a lot of people really happy and some others really really cranky.

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