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Kitayama’s Triple Bogey Win and Zeta-Jones is a Savage

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Here’s a look at what we’ve got for you today:

Have you went golfing in the snow?

Kitayama’s very good triple bogey day

How players reacted to the no-cut question

Mrs. Michael Douglas (aka, the lovely Catherine Zeta-Jones) is a savage

Snow and golf don’t mix well

Some things in life are meant to go together.

Peanut butter and jelly? (Culinary perfection, if you ask us.)

Wendy’s Frosty and fries?

Golf and snow?

That last one…not so much.

That’s why tournaments are scheduled when the weather is at its best. After all, there aren’t any tournaments going on in the northeast any time soon.

But sometimes nature throws us a curve ball, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

This past week, a day before Tucson’s Cologuard classic was about to begin, the entire pitch was covered in snow.

Luckily the snow thawed out just in time to get the tournament going.

A close call for all the players, not to mention the tourney. It’s got a $2.2 million purse and that would make me play in the snow. In fact, just having a tee time when it’s snowing would make most mid-westerners golf in the snow.

Are you this smooth?

Not news, but this video, tweetedfrom a great joke account called @TuorGolf, made us stop and watch enough times that we’re not tell you how many it was:

Are these the 3 smoothest golf swings of all-time?


— Tour Golf (@TuorGolf)
Mar 5, 2023

Kitayama’s triple bogey first-time win

We love it when we get seemingly impossible stats or incredibly unique feats unlikely to happen.

This past weekend’s Arnold Palmer Invitational delivered.

Kurt Kitayama had a good run…until the 9th hole, where he scored a triple bogey. (Who can’t relate to that?)

A +3 on a single hole is usually a bummer. because it significantly lowers your odds of getting a strong finish.

Especially when you have Rory McIlroy and Harris English breathing down your neck the whole time.

Not one to be discouraged, Kitayama chugged along, tightened up his game, manage to get in the lead, and kept it to take home his first-ever PGA Tour win.

This was epic.

And here’s the stats part.

Only four players have been able to come back from a triple bogey and get their first PGA tour win.

Check out this tweet:

Players to make triple bogey/worse in final round of their first career PGA Tour win, last 40 years:

Phil Mickelson, 1991 Tucson Open
David Ogrin, 1996 Texas Open
Viktor Hovland, 2020 Puerto Rico Open
Kurt Kitayama, 2023 Arnold Palmer Invitational

— Justin Ray (@JustinRayGolf)
Mar 5, 2023

Congrats to Kurt Kitayama on getting his PGA Tour win and making me feel all fuzzy inside with this cool stat.

To cut or not to cut, that is the question

The PGA Tour’s move to have a handful of no-cut events has given everyone a lot to think about.

Does this mean that LIV’s way of running things is the right way?

Will it make tournaments more or less exciting?

And perhaps the most important question is, what will the players do?

Here are EddPepperell’s thoughts on this subject on Twitter.

Some weekend thoughts;

Have been thinking a bit about these latest PGAT changes and what it could mean for LIV. And I’ve concluded that I think it might embolden them..

— Eddie Pepperell (@PepperellEddie)
Mar 4, 2023

TLDR. professional players will make the best financial move for them.

And that makes sense, they’ve dedicated their whole lives to achieving mastery in the sport. However, sometimes it just isn’t enough. And some players may feel they need that one break to make something happen in their careers.

And this is exactly what LIV might be doing.

Giving a lot of amazing players another platform where they might have what it takes to make it.

What happens when Michael Douglas whiffs his drive?

Y’all remember the ruckus, a couple weeks ago, when Tiger gifted a tampon?

Top news this week, shows that Catherine Zeta-Jones probably didn’t mind that joke. Why?

Her husband, the also famous Michael Douglas, recently said in an interview:

The rules are — I have to whip it out if I don’t hit it past the ladies’ tees, which I manage most of the time…”

Michael Douglas

Opposite of Tiger, she didn’t issue a non-apology-apology.

Zeta-Jones owns it. Back in 2016, she said, There has been an issue with paparazzi, so I make him go into the bushes. A deal is a deal…”

Here’s what happened when Catherine Zeta-Jones saw Tiger’s tampon stunt:

She also said she’s better than him (Michael Douglas). Absolute savage.

Memes of the Day

That’s it for the Monday issue, golf fans.

We’ll be back Thursday talking about the upcoming Players Championship and whatever hijinks are bound to happen in the Pro Golf world in the next few days.

Later gator,

E. Gator

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