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Justin Thomas' goals for the year

Justin Thomas set a lot of goals…and only hit one of them 👀

A New Year is just around the corner. Some people set goals every year. Others still review their goals from last year, to see how well they’ve done.

Justin Thomas does one of these yearly reviews. And thankfully for us, he’s also wildly transparent.

Earlier, on Instagram, JT shared his 2022-2023 season goals.

The results? Not great.

My man is 1 for 9. Take a look at the post for yourself:

To be honest, making the Ryder Cup is an accomplishment of a lifetime for many aspiring pros, so it’s still not a bad year for Thomas, in our opinion.

JT is in good spirits about the year, too. In the same post, he said, “Well… at least I got one check mark! 😂 I’ve always been a goal setter, but also have enjoyed being candid about sharing them at seasons end. In 23’ I went with less stat oriented goals, more accomplishment based, with the thought of the “practicing” I did would accomplish the stats I wanted which would produce these hopeful outcomes.”

You will notice the list looks like Tiger’s list of goals circa the late 90s or early 2000s. That’s because Justin Thomas is apparently a “swing for the fences” type of guy – while also brutally honest and self-aware.

More from JT: “Everybody is different in their goal setting. I’ve always been one to set the bar high to try and work toward them and achieve them. While 2023 was my least successful year on @pgatour, it provided my best opportunity for learning experiences and areas to grow.”

Thomas also had a positive outlook and a thankful disposition (to his team) for the previous year. He’s now looking forward to some great R&R before hitting 2024’s goals hard.

Here’s to it, Mr. Thomas!

Speaking of goals, did you hit yours? What’s on your 2024 golf goal list? Let us know in the comments!

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