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It’s Scheffler. It’s Rahm. It’s Scheffler.


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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • The most honest take in golf
  • It’s Scheffler. It’s Rahm. It’s Scheffler.
  • The marine and the course record keep two players past the cut

100% overrated

We all hate getting the question. You know? When someone (who golfs) finds out you enjoy playing, too. Then you get hit with — “You any good?

All of a sudden a wave of emotions washes over you. If you say “yes,” you’re one tee time away from discovering the other golfer is Tiger’s cousin.

But say “no” when you can hit the ball straight off the tee, then what?

Einstein would say, “It’s relative.” But now, there’s a new answer.

Most people don’t consider themselves as being overrated. Sahith Theegala isn’t like most people.

For starters, he just cracked into the top 30. Which is pretty impressive if you ask us.

But when asked about his apparent greatness, he literally said he was overrated.

Or rather, over-ranked.

Live look at Sahith:


Admittedly, the ranking system can be somewhat of a mystery at times.

For example, the number one spot eluded Jon Rahm for an inexplicable amount of time. (And it’s gone again — to Scottie…again.)

It’s a peculiar algorithm at times.

But whatever the case, Theegala isn’t concerned with vanity metrics as his ranking. He has his sights on being the best in the world. And if that means being a bit self-critical, so be it.

Guess who’s back?

Not Rahm. He pulled out due to illness. It’s Scottie’s time, once again. With the “W” at TPC, Scheffler pulls to the world’s #1 spot, reclaiming it from Rahm…

…who took it from Scheffler…

…who took it from Rory at the start of the season (seems like ages ago now).

Want a quick visual of how crazy this is? Here’s a tweet from the No Laying Up podcast account:

Same guys winning getting boring? Nah. If Tiger and Palmer taught us anything, it’s that we love watching the best play golf — even if it’s one dude.

Problems and history at The Players.

Yes, Scheff (can we call you that?) took the win and reclaimed world #1. And there were a couple of other interesting notes we just had to include:

The few, the proud, and the good bounce.

First, an active-duty Marine saved Jordan Spieth’s weekend by getting pinged by an errant shot — knocking the ball into the fairway.

The man American Marine was a total class act.

Didn’t ask for anything, but Spieth rewarded him with his thanks, tickets to the weekend round, and a signed flag.

Here’s a tweet and video of the two, from the PGA:

How big of a deal was the save? Well, Spieth made the cut by two strokes. And a ball in the water means he likely would’ve gone home and not come in T19, and by our math, $275,000.

Enough to make you say, “Oorah!”

Another near-cut situation

Believe it or not, Tom Hoge was in worse condition than Spieth, only this time, he didn’t have the Marines backing him up.

Nope, Hoge had to be an army of one.

Can’t say he believed in himself, though. He booked a flight home after thinking he had no chance of playing the weekend. (Like his travel card was swiped, and he was supposed to head home on AA flight 2465.)

Talk about resolved to his fate.

But with the pressure off, Tom blasted through TPC Sawgrass and broke the course record — hitting a 62 and making the cut.

The result? My man came in tied for 3rd, taking home $1.475 million.

Memes of the Day


That’s all we’ve got for you today, golf fans. We’ll be back on Thursday with a look at the weekend ahead.

Later gator,


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