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Is the PGA now the PIF?

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Golf, but corrupter?

Elite golf tournament inbound.

Birthdays and win celebrations, all around!

“We swear they’re not taking over the PGA Tour, but yeah, we’re taking their money.”

Let’s be frank about it.

There’s a healthy dose of skepticism from the golf community about the claims from the PGA Tour that say that they’ll still be in control once the new Golf Super Corporation is formed.

And by healthy dose, we mean a big segment of the golf community thinks that the PGA Tour completely sold out, in particular, most of their players.

Here are a couple of emails we got from you, our subscribers about the merge:

“I was a strong believer in the PGA Tour. I still respect the players but no longer have respect for the PGA Tour organization.”

“A sad day.”

While we here at Easy Pars have tried to keep a neutral tone, the shock is understandable. After all, the PGA Tour accepted to take the billions of gazillions (estimate) of dollars from the PIF.

So it only makes sense to expect that they’ll have a say in the direction in which professional golf is headed.

The board of directors of the new corporation, which will probably be called NewCo, will be formed by PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, Jimmy Dunne, Ed Herlihy, and Yasir Al-Ruayan from the PIF.

But we’ll have to wait and see what happens and where it all goes.

As of right now, the PGA Tour swears they’ll still be in control.

Let’s just hope for the best. Or, let’s take a poll:

Travelers Championship wooed its way into being a designated event.

It’s tough for golf pro’s out on the road.

They have to travel a lot. Like most of the year if they want to remain active.

According to reports, travel expenses are the single biggest cost that golfers incur.

Not that big of a deal when you’re in the top 10.

A significantly bigger deal when you’re under the top 50.

It’s for this reason that many tournaments do their best to accommodate the players that choose to be part of their field.

But the Travelers Championship decided to take this “pamper the golfer” policy to the next level.

They offer charter flights, dedicated lodging for caddies, and paid-for activities — available to the golfer’s family.

It paid off.

Now the event is one of the new “designated” events — which means that top golfers have to attend. If they don’t show?

They’ll be penalized with a big fine.

But with the chunky $20 million purse, I don’t see too many of them complaining about it.

Scheff and Kim party it out for their birthdays

How do two young professional athletes celebrate their birthdays?

Do they rent a yacht?

Have a private birthday party with 300 of their closest friends?


They go out for pizza.

AND they splurge on dessert.

Tom Kim’s and Scottie Scheffler’s have their birthday on the same day, so this year they went wild on the celebrations.

Instagram post by @joohyungkim0621

Honestly, it’s quite refreshing to see how two pro’s at the top of their game choose to celebrate in just about the most wholesome way we can think of.

Kudos Tom and Scottie. My guess is, they both ate half a cookie, played 45 minutes of Fortnite, and turned in no later than 9:30 pm.

Wyndham Clarke goes all out celebrating his US Open win

Winning the US Open is a big deal. Wyndham Clarke knows this. So he celebrated accordingly.

TMZ says he was spotted at a popular LA club partying like the rockstar that he is.

He got the big cup, so he filled it up with a beverage of his choice, and consequently drank the beverage from this US Open cup.

That’s what US Open Cups are for, right?

In all seriousness, we’re glad Wyndham is celebrating this W. It was a tough one, he fended off Rory, Rickie, and Scottie to take the W.

Kudos Wyndham. Kudos.

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We’ll be back Monday with the latest tournament happenings and any breaking news of the merge heard round the sports world.

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