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Hovland is the new Scheffler/Rahm! 👀

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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

A deeper look into LIV’s trading plans.

According to the internet — Brooks should be on Team USA!

Viktor Hovland shows he’s a top contender.

Trades could be coming! But does anyone care?

Without a doubt, LIV has some great golfers who are at the top of their game and we’ve seen some great golf at their tournaments.

Golf fans seem to love it, just look at how much of a success LIV’s Adelaide event was.

But does anyone actually watch LIV for the “teams”?

They’ve tried highlighting the team dynamic by pairing up team captains from “competing” teams. So that teams at least appear to be competing head-to-head.

However, the question still remains.

Does anyone watch LIV because of the teams? Or does anyone even have a favorite team?

Maybe it’s just me (but if YOU love the team aspect, please let us know!), but it seems the organizers are the only ones bent on keeping the team dynamic alive.

This is why the non-official announcement that team captains will be able to trade players for the 2024 season comes as a bit of a surprise.

As expected, there are no official details on how trades will work. It doesn’t even seem to be going well within the LIV teams.

The LIV Golf League transfer window will see teams to swap and trade players during the off-season – but there will be no change to the Majesticks GC line-up

— Golf Monthly (@GolfMonthly)
Aug 17, 2023

Will there be a payoff? Will free agents still be able to play? What happens if a team is “incomplete”?

Too many questions and no official answers on how LIV’s team dynamic will evolve next season.

The biggest question remains: Does anyone care?

The internet has spoken: Brooks Koepka needs to be part of the US Ryder Cup team

It’s clear that Brooks Koepka has been playing some awesome golf. So it would only make sense that he is part of the US Ryder Cup team, right?

And even though he only had 4 opportunities to score points to qualify for a spot on the team, he still managed to keep his name on the shortlist.

That is until Xander Schauffele decided to get some great results and bumped Brooks out of the top 6.

Does that mean that Brooks is out of the Ryder Cup?

Not necessarily.

He can still be invited to join the team if team captain Dustin Johnson decides to make the call.

Which in our opinion, the majority of EasyPars readers, and the entire golf internet, he should do.

Not that it’s without controversy. In our humble poll, we sent out last week, the sentiment is nearly mixed.

Some of you have very strong opinions, including Gerry who said:

“They should take the best US players. IF not, this cat will not be watching.”

Gerry (EasyPars subscriber)

You would think that since the whole LIV/PGA tour drama is now a moot point, he should get the call.

We’ll have to wait and see what DJ decides to do. But in our opinion, if he wants the best chances of winning, Ralph Lauren should start working on his team uniform.

Viktor Hovland makes a double-whammy win

It’s Scottie! It’s Rahm! It’s Scottie again! It’s………..Hovland!!!!!!

This season has been incredible for 25-year-old Viktor Hovland. What’s more incredible is that it’s been low-key —until it wasn’t.

He had a great performance and nearly every major this year. And he was just getting honed in!

His game has dramatically leveled up to the point where by the end of the season he’s ranked number 4, won back-to-back tournaments, AND the FedEx Cup.


And did we mention that he’s only 25?

This also makes him the youngest player to ever win the FedEx Cup, along with making over $21.6 million in a couple of weekends.


Viktor Hovland is the 2023 #FedExCup champion!

This win @TOURChamp is his third victory of the season 🏆

Aug 27, 2023

What’s next for Viktor? How about a Ryder Cup win to wrap up this massively impressive season?

Interestingly, it seems like Viktor has been getting an equal amount of attention for his awesome golf as for his interesting Lindeberg attire. Golf Digest just asked their X (formerly Twitter) audience to describe Hovland’s attire in two words.

There are some fantastic answers, but here’s one of our favorites:

Horse Jockey

— Scott G (@NIWGES)
May 18, 2023

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That’s it for this round. We’ll be back with another 18 holes of goodness, this coming Thursday!

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