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Golf is back! Ratings, LIV, and Rahm

GM. This is Easy Pars. The twice a week newsletter that agrees that villians are good for all sports — even golf (see Twitter video later in the email).

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

Masters gets record views

Phil skyrockets

Cantlay fires back

Rahm is a good guy

Drama, intrigue, excitement, golf.

Who said golf was boring? Certainly not you, dear reader. Our us here on the Easy Pars team. And certainly not E.P. Gator himself.

But admittedly, a lot of people don’t get it. And that’s understandable.

Most people fall in love with golf once they start playing it. And it’s those people who become like you and I who watch it on TV.

But something happened this past week at the Masters.

The viewership was a lot higher this year than it was last year. Almost 20% higher. As in, literally several million more viewers than last year.

CBS says Sunday’s final round of the Masters was the most-watched golf telecast on any network in five years, averaging 12.058 million viewers and up +19% vs. last year.

— Dan Rapaport (@Daniel_Rapaport)
Apr 11, 2023

What triggered the sudden avalanche in viewership?

For one, it could’ve been the LIV vs PGA Tour rivalry.

The Full Swing documentary on Netflix didn’t hurt, either.

Could be the Tiger void getting filled with younger guys, like Rahm and Scheff. While simultaneously the world watching Tiger play his last pro rounds.

Whatever the reason, it’s always great to see new people falling in love with golf.

Last week we can confidently say that golf had all the drama, intrigue, and excitement that is sure to draw more people into the sport. Speaking of drama and intrigue

We hope it continues, and it seems to be.

The RBC Heritage tickets are sold out. And after LIV’s performance, may even bump up viewers on the CW. We’ll see.

What’s up with Phil?

His ranking.

That’s what’s up. And it up by a whole lot. His ranking increased an incredible 132 spots up to number 26 in the world.

It was a well deserved jump up after an amazing performance at the Masters.

No one completely counts out Mickelson, he is without a doubt one of the greats. But we hadn’t seen him at the top of his game lately.

Compound that with the whole move to LIV and all the controversy he’s stirred up, and it almost seems like the world forgot how awesome of a player he actually is.

Yes, Phil is awesome. 

And it’s great to see him at 54 playing a super tight game and tying for 2nd with his LIV coworker Brooks Koepka.

It’s great to write about Phil’s awesome golf instead of about something mildly controversial that he said or tweeted.

Was his move to LIV a good one? Here’s a hot take, showing the move to LIV is understandable, if anything. (NOTE: if the tweet doesn’t show, here’s the link.

Colin Cowherd is right. Phil Mickelson and LIV won. https://t.co/bgDQ3xFSYp

— LIV Golf Nation (@LIVGolfNation)
Apr 11, 2023

A slow response to a complaint about slow play

How slow is too slow? Patrick Cantlay’s pace at the Masters was too slow.

Just look at Jon and Brooks expression.

Nuff said.

But it wasn’t just them who were suffering in silence. A couple of other players also expressed themselves more openly about it.

And if playing slowly isn’t enough of a mojo-kill, Cantlay’s Twitter reply came about equally slow.

Two days later.

To paraphrase “It wasn’t me, everything was slow”.

So essentially, after waiting days to snap back, Cantlay took a queue from Shaggy’s popular 90s song and said:

🎶Brooks caught him red-handed, 3-putting on the 15th green.

Cantlay: Wasn’t me 🎶

A champion doing what a champion does

Champions play. Jon Rahm is a champion.

And he chose to play at RBC Heritage.

He’s decided to see it through for the fans. According to him, he’s doing it for the children. Instead of choosing to WD out of the RBC heritage, like some other past champions (ahem, Rory).

Also, it’s one of the $20 million designated events. So you could say that he’s kinda obligated to play.

It’s a bit of a head-scratcher that a designated event is scheduled the week right after the Masters.

But nonetheless, yet another reason why we can’t help but be a Rahm-fan.

Statistically, golfers who win a tournament don’t do as well on the next. There’s so much that goes into winning — mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

Interviews, press, spending all that cash. Exhausting just thinking about it.

Speaking of the RBC Heritage, here’s a quick rundown:

Hovland shot another 7 under to end up #1 after the first round — exact same performance as Thursday at the Masters. Rumor has it, he said with Cantlay off his twosome, he feels free (probably).

Rahm just teed off.

Fowler, Fitzpatrick, and Zach Johnson are all playing weel

Total prize is $20 million (1st – $3,600,000 | 2nd – $2,180,000 | 3rd -$1,380,000)

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That’s is for today! Here’s to golf getting a round of enthusiasm from and for us all.

Later gator,


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