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E. Gator goes to St. Andrews

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Here’s what’s going on this week in golf news. 

  • LIV Golf clearly has deep pockets 
  • WM Phoenix kicks off
  • Rory thinks he’s awesome (and so do we) 
  • Tiger likes his courses long 
  • They ruined it… 

Do you know why it’s awesome to have a lot of money? 

Because you have a lot of money. Obviously

LIV Golf knows this. 

The PGA Tour also knows this. And it seems like they want to put them to the test. It’s not a secret that the two organizations have an ugly legal conflict. 

Here’s the TL:DR. 

The PGA tour is not ok with the LIV poaching its players. And to dissuade any players interested in dipping their toes in the LIV purses, they have suspended several players from playing in the tour. 

As expected, LIV Golf fired back with an antitrust lawsuit in response. The problem?

Now it seems like the lawsuit is dragging along and not getting any resolution. 

The trial date is early 2024, which means another year without any resolution of the case. 

And considering the claims they made —  virtually no revenue during their inaugural year.

One might wonder, does LIV Golf have a future? Are their pockets deep enough to see this through? 

Only time will tell. But with their first tourney in a couple of weeks, we’ll know more soon.

LIV has its first event of the season later this month…on the CW Network. So, we’ll stay tuned to catch some great golf and see how this legal drama unravels.

A simple answer to an easy question 


That’s what Rory McIlroy answered when asked if he was the #1 golfer in the world.

I mean, what else was he supposed to say?   

Just in case you were wondering/cared. That said, we have an exclusive. When Rory was asked the same question again, he had a different answer:

Thanks, Rory. (Btw, this is a joke, if you didn’t pick up on that.)

Bigger is better

At least, according to Tiger Woods, it is. 

Tiger has been busy designing a golf course in Park City, Utah, while out of action due to injury. 

And it seems like the course will be pretty epic. How epic?

One hole will measure over 700 yards. To put that in perspective, it’s more 10% of the average yardage of PGA tour courses. The entire course yardage.

And five holes will be over 600 yards totaling over 8000 yards in the course. Longest PGA course currently is Torrey Pines, coming in at 7,765 yards.

It should be a fun course to play in a very exhausting kind of way… Unless you’re Tiger.

“Like drawing a mustache on the Mona Lisa.” 

When anything is considered historic, well, you kind of expect it not to be modified in any significant way. 

Quite the opposite happened at the historic St Andrews course. 

The trust in charge of looking after the course decided it would be a good idea to add a couple of stone patios at both ends of the legendary bridge, which is over 700 years old. 

Crossing the bridge is part of the St Andrews experience, and according to a lot of people, now it’s ruined. 

We’re not sure if it’s as bad as how The Courier Uk describes it on its front page. 

But it definitely doesn’t look good. 

The St Andrews Links Trust has vowed to remove the stone patios and revert the bridge back to its original form. 

If you know E, he had to get in on the action and hopped on a red-eye to see for himself.

Poor gator. Didn’t even want to stand on it.

[Last minute update: Saint Andrews already removed it! Great work, golf twitter.]

That’s it for Thursday’s edition. Send you fresh news Monday morning.

Later gator,


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