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The slowest coup in the world (that likely doesn’t exist).

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Players back up Patrick Cantlay

A Golfweek column this weekend pretty much accused Patrick Cantlay of rallying up players to oppose the deal with the PIF.


Because Cantlay was allegedly in negotiations with LIV to make the move. Which means he was negotiating a big juicy check.

It’s safe to assume those negotiations won’t go anywhere — if they even existed.

But here’s the thing.

No evidence exists. None for Cantlay’s LIV deal, and no evidence for this Cantlay Coup. And other pros are coming to Patrick’s defense.

Adam Scott, the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council Chairman, published on his social media a message that the whole article was “faceless speculation” and that they should instead focus on the “objective truth”.

Instagram post by @adamscottofficial

This message was later reposted by Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, and several other players.

Which pretty much means that the players are backing up Cantlay.

Given the current mess, it only makes sense that the players are looking after their best interests.

But, let’s be honest.

You all know that Cantlay (great golfer), isn’t known for his speed. The PGA/LIV merge dropped June 6th. That’s less than a month ago. No way Cantlay would have time to develop a coup.

Here’s what it allegedly looked like when Cantlay had the idea to rally players against the deal:

Rickie takes home the W at Rocket Mortgage Classic

As you might have noticed, Fowler’s Achilles heel has been consistency.

He’s always been able to get amazing results after one or two rounds. But there’s always a point where he hasn’t been able to keep pace.

And that’s where he ends up losing it.

Not this time.

A champion once again 🏆

The winning moment for @RickieFowler @RocketClassic. https://t.co/LEQ8f05gHN

Jul 2, 2023

Fowler took the W in dominant fashion at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. It’s a sweet moment in golf, even though we really didn’t get to watch it live (that’s a whole different story).

There was a playoff that wasn’t televised — but ABSOLUTELY should have been.

For those wondering why the Rocket Mortgage Classic ended so early, it’s because Patrick Cantlay was not in the final group.

— Tour Golf (@TuorGolf)
Jul 2, 2023

Rickie took the W in dominant fashion at the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

It took him almost 4 years to get another W after the win at 2019’s Waste Management.

But this seems to be the best we’ve seen to date.

The Return of the Orange One

No, not Trump, this time. We’re still talking about Rickie Fowler.

On our last EasyPars newsletter, we talked about how he’s finally found his mojo again.

And he has, big time, more about that later.

But it hasn’t been easy for Rickie.

Almost down and out

Ever since bursting into the scene in 2009, Fowler quickly became a fan favorite.

Even though he’s never been ranked #1, he’s always been really fun to watch. Not only because he’s often dressed in bright colors, but because his golf can honestly be described as exciting.

After having some solid seasons, he started losing consistency in his game. To the point where he almost lost his pro-card in the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

But now, he’s officially made a comeback.

Getting it done in 2023

Rocky Rickie has steadily made strides this season.

He’s had 7 top ten finishes this season, including 5th at the US Open, which has secured him a spot in the top-20.

It’s an impressive turnaround. Since it’s almost unheard of for players to make such a dramatic improvement in their game from one season to the next.

The secret to Rickie’s success

Fowler has never been a specialist, as in, he’s never been the best driver or putter. Rather his edge comes from having a really high Golf IQ.

He finds ways to position the ball in really great spots.

You could say that he’s an awesome all-rounder.

What changed in Fowler’s game this season?


He ranks 64th in Strokes Gained, 7th on Strokes Gained on Approach, and 48th on putting.

Rick Fowler for president

— claire rogers (@kclairerogers)
Jul 2, 2023

Same, Claire. Same.

And now he’s buying drinks for the fans at a Detroit pub

It wasn’t his idea originally, but he decided to jump on board something for his fans.

This whole ordeal started when Joel Dahmen promised to buy drinks for Detroit fans after the Lions beat the Green Bay Packers, which allowed the Seattle Seahawks to move into the playoffs.

His fans made it a point to remember his promise. So he agreed to buy some drinks at J’s Penalty Box, a pub close to the where the Rocket Mortgage Classic was being played.

There was going to be a condition though, 10 drinks for each birdie he scored.

Unfortunately, Joel had a rough day with only three birdies, so Fowler came to the rescue. He decided to chip in with birdies of his own.

Rickie got eight.

We have to assume that everyone at J’s Penalty Box had a jolly old time this weekend.

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