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Did slow play cause Koepka and LIV to lose?

GM. This is Easy Pars. The newsletter that is overwhelmed at the historic weekend we just witnessed.

Here’s what we’ve got today:

Congrats to John Rahm

Opposite of congrats to Patrick Cantlay

Congrats to Koepka, Mickelson, and LIV

Rahm doing what Rahm does at the Masters


— The Masters (@TheMasters)
Apr 9, 2023

John Rahm made history, this weekend. And man, was it awesome to watch in a marathon Sunday golf session!

Due to weather and a tree falling, the tournament was delayed, leaving the top two players (Brooks Koepka and John Rahm) to play a 30-hole golf day (along with the rest of the field).

It seemed like Brooks was locked in, ice in his veins like the cold they started in. But as things warmed up, Koepka started making minor mistakes and Rahm got hot.

By the 16th, it was fairly clear. And the people who personalize the trophy, graphics, and green jacket (probably) got to work on putting Rahmbo’s name on everything.

A shaky start for the Spaniard

Sources have it (and that source being Rahm, himself) that John was jinxed by his friend and NFL star, Zach Ertz. He text Rahm that the first green looks like “a walk in the park.”

Rahm 4-putted to start the Masters with a double bogey.

It looked like Rahm could be one of the field of stars to not even make the cut (like Rory, DJ, on and on). But he came back in a BIG way — ultimately winning.

Jon Rahm after 4 putting the first hole of the tournament https://t.co/uE3qL9LpXJ

— Callaway Golf (@CallawayGolf)
Apr 9, 2023

Did Cantlay ruin everything?

Do yourself a favor (after reading this email). Go to Twitter and search “Patrick Cantlay” and scroll down for an epic, hilarious roast session on the pro.

The final round was a two-horse race from the start, and the world was watching. Koepka is a fast-paced player and had a nearly uncatchable lead (especially considering that Augusta isn’t a course built for a final-day chase).

Enter Cantlay, the PGA’s equivalent of a great-grandmama writing a check.

How slow is his play?

His final round (paired with Hovland) took ten minutes shy of 5 hours! For two people to play golf.

The worst part? The two-horse rase was directly behind him.

They were newlyweds when @patrick_cantlay teed off today https://t.co/j500PcFYdi

— Breeds MN Golf (@BreedsMNGolf)
Apr 10, 2023

Taking 10 minutes to 3-putt? With history literally being made behind him? Just awful, and it likely played a part in Brook’s sloppy play.

While a man (or lady) plays his own tournament, and Rahm won fair-and-square—hindsight is always 20/20.

What are your thoughts?

At one point, Viktor Hovland (the first day leader) broke the game’s unwritten rules and started hitting his shots before Cantlay even walked up to his own.

Breaking the order of play is a clear slap in the face…under normal circumstances.

But “hear, hear” to Hovland for reading the room way better (and faster) than Cantlay read his putts.

Here’s a tweet with a video of Hovland hitting his chip with Cantlay and his caddie casually striding in the background:

Viktor definitely sending Cantlay a message at this stage of the round. https://t.co/Y70kfAi73K

— TweeterAlliss (Parody) (by Jove) (@TweeterAlliss)
Apr 9, 2023

So much we didn’t cover

There was really too much to put into a short email.

A tree (or three) fell, and could’ve stopped everything, like tournament over, if someone got hurt. Thankfully, miraculously, no one was injured.

Sergio got heated with reporters.

So many big names didn’t even make the cut.

Tiger didn’t quit until he had a screw popping through his skin (according to Jason Day).

Talk about a weekend!

And the big winner is….LIV Golf

It’s been a bit over a year since LIV came onto the scene. The reaction was almost entirely negative. Some laughed, some lawyered up.

But something that hasn’t happened (that many speculated would) was the LIV players would lose their game. Getting soft from extra money and not enough tournament play.

Fewer tournaments, fewer 4-day stretches mean LIV players would decline in ability.

Well, it hasn’t happened so far.

The Masters was the first head-to-head event between PGA and LIV. (Have we mentioned this weekend was epic?)

3 of the 18 LIV players ended up in the top 5.

Two (Koepka and Mickelson) finished tied for 2nd.

Koepka held the lead for multiple days.

Patrick Reed finished in the top 5.

12 of 18 made the cut.

Plus, they averaged better in the final rounds than the PGA players 👀

Holes 55-72

LIV scoring avg: 72.63
Non-LIV scoring avg: 73.09

Save the 54 hole jokes for another time

— PGA/LIV Hot Takes (@golfturfwar)
Apr 10, 2023

Gotta mention Phil

Phil Mickelson has been abrasive since the LIV move (although, he’s taken a softened tone of late).

Maybe it’s due to his previous nasty behavior that coverage of Phil was lacking nearly non-existent. But, my man called his shot. He said he was going to have a great finish and not a single person, pro, or golf entity can deny him that.

Phil Mickelson’s final round (65) is the lowest round in Masters history by a player age 50 or older 👏 #themasters https://t.co/yL9b1LtcIg

— ESPN (@espn)
Apr 9, 2023

Memes of the Day


If LIV guys said they left to avoid playing in a group behind Patrick Cantlay, I could get on board https://t.co/XKwOBkmb6k

— Alex Hickey (@bigahickey)
Apr 10, 2023

Such an epic weekend. One for the books. But we’re still at the start of the season — and we’ll be back in your inbox Thursday.

Later gator,


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