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Cantlay ace! And a $3 million fine for Rory

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$3 million to take the weekend off

Cantlay answers (again) with an ace

LIV golfers make more, work less (but someone has a problem with that)

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A $3 Million slap in the wrist

Remember earlier this week when Rory McIlroy decided to WD on the RBC Heritage championship?

Turns out the PGA Tour wasn’t cool with it.

The Tour decided to hit him with a $3 million cut from his Player Impact Program payment. Keep in mind, this is his second no-reason backout.

Rory McIlroy has been docked $3 million after missing his second “designated event” of the PGA Tour season without a specified reason, according to multiple reports. https://t.co/ScVzwXOR04

— ESPN (@espn)
Apr 14, 2023

That may seem like a lot. And it is a lot for most regular folk.

But not for Rory.

$3 million accounts for only 25% of his PIP payment. If he plays in the rest of the designated tournaments, then he’ll receive the remaining $9 million.

And also considering that he made over $40 million in 2022 from tournament earnings alone, we think he’ll be ok.

But…is it right to do this to golfers?

So who’s playing slow now?

Patrick Cantlay has been accused of not exactly being the fastest player out on the course (you remember last week).

It seems like he took those criticisms to heart and decided to fix them show us all up.

Instead of laying up and putting, he just got the ball in with one shot.

His hole in one was epic.

Just like Happy said: “I should just try to get the ball in one shot every time.”

Patrick had an awesome weekend at the RBC Heritage and finished in a super solid 3rd place.

Here’s another great shot, from Cantlay, this time off the wooden structure around the green!

Insane shot from Patrick Cantlay😳 #RBCHeritage https://t.co/hVvdV9ODRC

— Caddy Splash (@CaddySplash)
Apr 16, 2023

Does this go to show that slow and steady is the way?

Here’s a tweet with Cantlay teeing off next to Happy Gilmore putting all over the green. Give it a watch and decide if it’s too slow.

Gilmore putted out faster on the first hole of the Waterbury Open than Patrick Cantlay hits his driver. Just watch https://t.co/OSLrw1x2yl

— Shooter McGavin (@ShooterMcGavin_)
Apr 14, 2023

To be honest, if I knew it’d be a hole-in-one, I’d skip lunch to perform my ridiculously long pre-shot routine.

RBC Recap

Matt Fitzpatrick and Jordan Spieth duked it out in a playoff (Fitz won, taking home the top $3.6 million prize)

Cantlay came in 3rd……just behind Fitz and Spieth (insert your own slow play joke here)

Notables: Scheff came in 11th, Rahm and Fowler came in 15th

You simply can’t please everyone

Most golfers that moved over to LIV are doing A-Ok.

They received a big fat check, don’t need to worry about making the cut, and only have to do a tournament every so often.

Definitely a lot less often than what the PGA Tour guys have to do.

And most LIV golfers are happy. The view that most of them shared is that they’re being paid more to play less. It makes sense if you ask me.

But you can’t please everyone.

LIV Golfer Jed Morgan isn’t pleased.

In a recent statement, he argued that he doesn’t get to play enough golf and that the league would do better if they did.

Australia’s Jed Morgan would like to see LIV Golf have more tournaments to keep players sharp.

— Golf Digest (@GolfDigest)
Apr 16, 2023

Honestly, I think he meant that he would do better if he played more often.

It’s quite understandable given his situation.

He hasn’t been doing so hot lately. He’s had a couple of last-place finishes, and his best finish was 13th last year.

So he isn’t lighting the world on fire just yet. That said, Koepka and Phil seem to be, you know, practicing in between events. So, maybe he should grab some un-televised tee times and pretend the CW cameras are rolling.

Jed Morgan after coming in last because there aren’t enough events:

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