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Can LIV spit in the PGA’s Cheerios?

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Tiger amazes even the best

It’s time for the PGA Championship

LIV is back under pressure

Mind Blown

As a regular human being, you never stop learning. For instance, we just learned that the typical golf ball has between 300 to 500 dimples.

But when you’re one of the best of the best at what you do, like Scottie Scheffler, learning new stuff can be quite surprising.

Especially when that golden nugget of knowledge comes from one of the greatest golfers of all time.

In this case, Tiger Woods.

In a recent tweet, we can see a video of Tiger telling Scottie that he never takes divots when he’s flushing it.

And what’s priceless is Scottie’s reaction. A mixture of amazement and disbelief.

Because as it’s well known, Tiger can be quite the prankster.

“When I’m flushing it, I don’t take divots.” – @tigerwoods.

Watch the full video here: https://t.co/gNEamYvi3f https://t.co/L6U5ScfJ7z

— TaylorMade Golf (@TaylorMadeGolf)
May 11, 2023

In this case, this was not a prank whatsoever, after fact checking, Tiger in fact doesn’t take any divots.

Then again, Tiger has a masterful control of his swing. So he can do that. Most other humans, even top level pros probably can’t.

Will Scottie take Tiger’s advice? We’ll have to tune in to the PGA Championship this week to find out for ourselves.

PGA Championship 2023: Who’s going to take home the W at Oak Hill?

As it tends to be for most majors, the field is stacked with the best of the best golfers.

But who’s going to take it home this year?

I’m not one to bet, but here are some of the players who I’m looking forward to seeing in action this week.

First off, a notable omission. Tiger will be sitting this one out. He’s still on the mend after having yet another ankle surgery.

Unfortunately, this means that it will still be some time before we see a Tiger comeback.

The Usual Suspects

John Rahm has been on a tear this whole year. He’s been holding on to that number one spot and doesn’t seem like he’s letting his foot off the gas.

He sat out the Wells Fargo Championship. So we’ll surely see a well rested Rahm ready to do what he does best.

Rory McIlroy is going through a rough patch.

While we’d all love to see Tiger and/or Rory tearing it up, it’s not looking good. But who knows, maybe Rory’s in a good head space, which seems to be his biggest drawback.

He didn’t make the cut at the Masters and finished 47th at the Wells Fargo Championship.

But in our opinion, Rory is still Rory, so if he’s having a good day, he can be a contender.

Let’s not forget Scottie Scheffler, Patrick Cantlay, and Xander Shaffele. And now, Jason Day just took home the W at last week’s Byron Nelson.

He did win the Championship back in 2015…

It’s a good time to get hot. 2015 PGA Champion Jason Day takes home the Byron Nelson. 🏆

We’ll see you at Oak Hill… Tomorrow, @JDayGolf!

#PGAChamp https://t.co/xT1mQ2id49

— PGA Championship (@PGAChampionship)
May 14, 2023

Hey LIV…

This is where it will get super interesting. Since there are 18 LIV golfers who got the invite to the PGA Championship.

As we saw at the Masters, these guys had an impressive performance over the weekend.

The question is, will they be able to do it again?

Let’s face it. The entire league’s favorite song at this point is Under Pressure, by Queen.

Arguably, if they bomb out (as in no one makes the top 10), the world will pile on like it’s LIV, laugh, golf.

In other words, the pressure is still there.

But if the chip ain’t on their shoulders anymore — it could get ugly. We’re fans of golf, here at Easy Pars. We don’t care what league you play in, and we hope everyone brings it.

Right now, all eyes are on Talor Gooch, who’s had back to back wins. So we want to see if it will translate over to the PGA Tour format.

Phil Mickelson, as we’ve learned, can never be ignored. He’s got such a wealth of experience, that he can always be a contender.

Also, we would love to see his Twitter rants if he gets a strong finish, let alone a W.

The new face of Oak Hill

Something else to factor in is that Oak Hill received an extensive remodeling in 2020.

This might play in favor of some of the golfers that rely on their drive to get an edge on their competition.

However, course analysts also claim that Oak Hill favors players who are well rounded, since it has many technical sections.

All in all, this major has all the elements of an awesome tournament. We can’t wait to see how it all goes down later this week.

Meme of the Day


Tiger as Doc Brown from Back to the Future, courtesy of MidJourney

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