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Ball rollback is done for.

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Ball rollback is dead

PGA loyalists to get comped (maybe), LIV players to get disciplined (probably)

PGA/PIF deal gets punished (by congress)?

Awkward employee/boss moment

Monahan writes a mega memo

Picture this: you’re a top-tier golfer, you’ve been hitting the gym, working on your swing speed, and now you can send the ball soaring 300 yards.

Suddenly, the USGA and R&A come along and propose a new ball that cuts your hard-earned distance by 15 yards!

Like hitting the perfect drive only to find your ball plugged in a fairway divot!

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan agrees and is not about to let the golf ball rollback plan play through.

In a recent memo that has more controversy than a debate about gimmes in match play, he tees off against the ‘Modified Local Rule.’

“We have spent the last two years undertaking a comprehensive analysis of distance on the PGA Tour and its impact,” Monahan wrote. “Although there has been some level of support for limiting future increases, there is widespread and significant belief the proposed Modified Local rule is not warranted and is not in the best interest of the game.”

It’s clear that Monahan isn’t ready to let the PGA Tour be forced to play the game with a shorter leash on the ball.

What else was in the memo?

Here are the quick deets:

Monahan unveiled an enticing ‘Player Benefit Program’ for those loyalist golfers who stuck with the tour, akin to earning an albatross on a Par 5.

“We have obtained player input that is helping to inform the potential structure, components and timeline…This program, should we reach a definitive agreement, will be financially significant in total and incremental to our planned compensation package.”

The disloyal pros — who decided to take a ‘vacation’ at LIV Golf — Monahan has readied a sand trap.

In fact, he’s forming a whole task force to decide the punishment for players who swing back to the tour. 

So, for any LIV defectors hoping for an easy layup back to the PGA Tour, better brace for impact.

Senate gets involved in the PGA/PIF deal

The PGA Tour’s tax break could be heading for the rough, as Senate finance committee tees up legislation that could revoke its tax exemption status.

Senator Ron Wyden’s swing at the Tour also targets Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF).

Wyden’s critique centers around the PGA’s recent work with PIF and the lucrative profits they may reap, stating, “An organization that betrays its own word and agrees to become a profit generator for Saudi Arabia’s brutal regime has disqualified itself for a tax exemption.” 

When your employee becomes your rival

In a plot twist that even Hollywood scriptwriters would find challenging, caddie Alex Gaugert not only qualifies for the 3M Open but finds himself paired with his regular employer, tour pro Erik van Rooyen.

The two will pair up during the first two rounds.

Although they pair share history from the University of Minnesota, this could be Gaugert’s chance to steal van Rooyen’s thunder on the fairway.

Van Rooyen’s nonchalant response? He dubbed it as ‘the gift that keeps on giving’. As the tournament plays out, there’s no doubt this ‘boss vs caddie’ subplot will add plenty of spice and a healthy dose of friendly trash-talk.

We’ll keep you informed!

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